Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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25 February 2020

Senses (2)


You do not live the senses. You describe the senses by words. Words are illusions of sound. Intellect is a particular sound. Senses are intelligence. Intelligence is light.

An enlightened does not reject any sense. An enlightened accepts every sense. An enlightened simply lives the senses that happen to him. An enlightened lives daily life and senses the sense as it happens. An enlightened does not discriminate.

The enlightened does not discriminate; he simply lives. But you do not live any sense, including the sense of understanding. You either reject or accept because you discriminate. 

Your attention is on the meaning of the word, whether it is right, wrong, acceptable or unacceptable. 

That is why words have prevented you from living life as it is. Always you evaluate either to reject or to accept. More than accepting, you reject. Is it not so? Have you observed that? 

Why do you reject? You reject merely because you accept how life should be. But if you accept senses as they are, you become wise. A man who simply accepts senses totally, he will have no notion of its description. 

The moment the ego has entertained that thought how life should be, a process of rejection will come into play. If you simply accept whatever is as it is, not as how it should be, you will embrace life as it is in every moment. 

Look at a tree. Does it have any notion of right or wrong? No. It just is as it is. The mind with thoughts of judgements does not accept life as it is. And life is beautiful in whatever form it is. 

For example, if you look at the autumn leaves, you believe that leaves are dying; they have lost their greenery. They become a bluish, brownish yellow. They wither away and they fall and they go. Is it not so? 

Man says the leaf is dying. Does the leaf say so? The leaf in fact is living its autumn. The dying of the leaf according to man is living to the leaf. That is the way a leaf lives. Autumn is its life as it is. 

But the human mind says just the opposite. Leaf lives the seasons so that the next new leaf can continue. 

When you live the senses as they are and you do not judge the senses, you become enlightened.

The enlightened live life as it is in every moment.

Author Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copy V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
There is a great intelligence at work inside each of us. A great intelligence is living inside the whole of nature and its manifestations. There is a great intelligence living inside the living and inside the dead - the outstanding, yet illusory, duality of all time. So it is so with the magnificence of man’s world – a world shared by 7.8 billion human beings and rising, whether we like it or not. In their wisdom, enlightened men and women never cease, as shown in this article, to acquaint man with the intelligence of life as it is. Every blade of grass tells the same story – a true story that delights every child.
Julian Capper. UK











Words rush out to attack or even, less often, to condone the actions and opinions of others. Either way, there is a disconnection with the object as it is before you. It has failed to match your opinions or expectations.. In the process of discrimination you have lost life, the life that is.

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