Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

25 April 2021



Sleep is a state in existence. Sleep is a state wherein the knowledge of existing is absent. The sleep state usually comes at night. Sleep may come at any time during day as well.

Humans take sleep for granted, but have not understood as yet the significance of the state of sleep. Knowledge that has evolved in humans informs humans that there are three states of consciousness. The waking state, the dream state in the sleeping state and the deep sleep state without dreams.

The dream state is known after the sleep state is over. The dream is not known as a dream when the dream is going on in the sleep state. This signifies that the dream state is known in the waking state after the sleep state is over.

Wisdom reveals that sleep can occur in the day as well. Wisdom reveals that dreams and sleep can occur in the waking state. The dreams in the waking state are known as day-dreaming. This too is known after the dream is over in the waking state.

Wisdom reveals that there is only one state in consciousness. That one state in consciousness is the waking state.. 

The waking state is no different than a dream because a dream is known by thoughts of the seen and the waking state is seen and known by thoughts as well.

The second state in knowledge is the sleep state at night with dreams or without dreams. The sleepstate without the dreams is called the deep sleep, which is in the sleep state and not separate from it.

Day-dreaming too, which could happen in the waking state is known by thoughts, just as the waking state is known by thoughts and as thoughts.

Humans prepare to sleep and go to sleep. The moment when sleep comes is not known by humans. They assume that sleep has come after sleep is over. This signifies that humans’ sleep is known in the waking state.

Wisdom reveals that the nature of the sleep state cannot be known. Wisdom reveals that thoughts are known as dreams that are seen in the sleep state. This signifies that what is seen and known in the waking state is a dream as well.

The enlightened share that the waking state is light, sound and colour. The enlightened share that living the light, sound and colour without description of waking state, light, sound and colour, is enlightenment, meaning consciousness.

The enlightened share that deep sleep is consciousness, as thoughts are absent. The enlightened share that thoughts give you dreams and do not reveal consciousness.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2021

Editor’s Note:
Men and women of learning, scholars, poets and all manner of thinkers through the ages have famously described and attested the phenomenon of sleep in human lives. ‘Have a good night’s sleep’ or ‘did you sleep well?’ are also daily exchanges in every age-group. Deep understanding of the nature of sleep in the process of evolution, as revealed in this article, is a priceless gift towards enlightenment.
Julian Capper, UK. 

German Translator‘s Note: 
Dr. Shankar's article is a modern form of wisdom about sleep and our daily waking state that was expressed thousands of years ago in the Upanishads, especially the Mandukya Upanishad. This ancient text has been explained in more detail by numerous sages over the years, including Sri Adi Shankara. His commentary on the Mandukya, is actually a commentary on the Madukya Karikas of Gaudapada. May humans, through ancient and modern wisdom, come to deeply reflect on sleep as part of their daily lives, so that they can thereby experience their waking state with enlightened clarity as what it really is, a dream and not a reality. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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