Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
Published on www.academy-advaita.com
The Netherlands

3th May 2017


“Evolved computer”


Everything that exists has evolved because it is impossible to determine how the first seed that gave rise to matter, vegetation, animal and human beings could ever have existed.

It is obvious that the first seed must have evolved without a seed. This implies that understanding also must evolve as well. It is obvious that primitive man did not have understanding and understanding, an inherent characteristic of intellect, must have evolved in primitive man.

This fact is evident in the newborn child. The newborn child begins understanding as it grows up. This proves that even intellect evolves and so does understanding.

Evolution implies that the intelligence that is present in evolution has evolved matter as a computer, just as matter must have evolved.  This implies that matter has evolved as the smartphone.

The smartphone is evidence that proves intelligence as light is evolution and that light has evolved as the first seed of matter, vegetation, animal and human beings, words and languages.

Touch by a finger on an image of a keyboard on a smartphone makes a letter of a word appear on the screen of a smartphone. Every atom of any matter is light and not the matter. Therefore, the smartphone and the screen is an illusion of light. This implies that the first seed of matter on earth was an illusion of light as well.

Similarly, every atom of the finger is light and not a finger. Therefore, it is light that appears as a word on the screen of the smartphone. This implies that evolution as light makes light appear not only as a smartphone, but also as a human being, including their respective, varied, illusory functions.

You can also talk with another person whom you know and see him as well while talking to him on a smartphone. The smartphone is matter and a person whom you know does not exist in the smartphone. 

This indicates that both talking and seeing in a smartphone is an illusion of light. This implies that talking and seeing any person in daily life is an illusion of the intelligence of evolution, which is light, because every atom of any person, including you, is light.

The image of seed of vegetation and sperm and ovum can be seen on a smartphone. This indicates that the seed of vegetation, animal and human beings is light as well, and it is proved by science that every atom of a seed, sperm or ovum is light and not a seed, sperm or ovum.

This implies that the smartphone is evidence that proves that the first seed of vegetation, animal and human being was an illusion of the intelligence of evolution, which is light.

The enlightened have rightly declared that daily life is an illusion of light and sound.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
Illusion is no deception. It plays a singular part in the evolution of understanding. That this is so is the striking and immediate impact of this article presented by Dr Shankar. No matter in what shape, smell, colour, sound, spectacle or taste it is being manifested, albeit illusory, illusion is of primary importance in the evolution of man or woman’s understanding – the talisman of life itself.
Julian Capper, U.K

German Translator’s Note: 
Dr. Shankar presents the old-age wisdom in new and modern form, by showing the illusion of everything too which did not exist as yet in the old ages, when wisdom first came to man. Wisdom has evolved from ancient times and here highly evolved and up to date wisdom, so to speak, presents the illusion of one of the  highest evolved thing in the world, the smartphone. A smartphone is almost in everybody’s hand all day. We should begin to ponder its implications for a deeper understanding of daily life. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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