Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

24 May 2021



Every parent is proud when a child learns to speak and is proud of the child when it begins to speak. Every parent teaches children how to speak and they wait patiently for children to begin speaking. Every parent is proud of the speech which involves the speaking that happens to them as well. This is knowledge of speaking.

Man and woman with knowledge understand that they can speak in the language that they know. Man and woman know that he or she has learned speaking because their parents taught speaking to them. This is knowledge.

What is wisdom of speaking is the question?

Wisdom reveals that speaking was not taught to the first man on earth by his parents because the question is: who taught the first parents? Wisdom reveals that the evolution of the movement of sound is known as speaking in the humans.

Wisdom reveals that sound which is uttered through a child by life due to evolution is crude. As the child grows, due to evolution, the uttered sounds through the child evolve from crude to a refined state. This is evident as sounds uttered appear as letters in the alphabet in a child. This is because sound eventually evolves to appear as letters in the alphabet and words with letters in the alphabet.

Wisdom reveals that every moment in life is precise and the moment is neither late nor early. Wisdom reveals that sound-movement within the moment due to evolution is precise and it is neither late nor early.

Wisdom reveals that the evolved movement of sound within the moment is initially crude and eventually becomes refined as evolution evolves. Wisdom reveals that the guidance from parent to child on how to speak is precise as well. This is because the movement of lips during speaking by the parents in the moment is precise as well.

Wisdom reveals that the guidance from parent to child and the evolution of sound movements in a child are precise as well. Wisdom reveals that when the guidance of parent synchronises with the crude evolution of movement of sound that appears as letters through a child, it deceives the parent that the child is beginning to learn to speak.

Wisdom reveals that when the guidance of parent synchronises with the eventual evolution of sound-movement that appears as speaking in a child, it deceives the parent into believing that the child has successfully learnt speaking that is taught by them.

Wisdom reveals that speaking is precise sound-movements in evolution in precise moments in life that appear as speaking. Wisdom reveals that speaking, albeit illusory, is a movement of sound, that deceives a human being that he or she is the speaker.

Wisdom reveals that sound as speaking, including every sound in life, is included in the singular movement of life. The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that speaking, though present, is illusory in life.

Knowledge takes speaking for granted. Wisdom is grateful to life for its gift of speaking, albeit illusory to man and woman.

The enlightened accept everyone as they are whether they speak or do not speak. The enlightened realise that man and woman are not the doer or the speaker.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2021

Editors Note:
Man alone in the animate world has been gifted with the power of speech by the intelligence in life. It is also clearly stated by the wise, both here and elsewhere, that man is not the doer. That he or she does speak, therefore, even though he or she may seem to be speaking, is an illusion. The exquisite and precise movements of sound on its evolutionary path is, in wisdom, beautifully described – not by the agency of man, but by the witness of life itself. Understanding that this so is deeply moving.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
The personality of a human is determined by his or her external appearance, typical actions, gait, facial expressions and gestures, but predominantly by what he or she says. What someone says, how it is said and with what attitude, all this determines the perception of others, how the person is. Often the mind thinks that he or she should not have said this or that, or should not have said it that way, in order not to leave a bad impression. Social fears are mainly based on what one says or does not say. A deep understanding, as revealed here in this article, that speaking is a mysterious happening of sound, makes a human an attentive listener, whether the other or himself is speaking. Trust in life as it is also includes deep trust in the play of sounds in life. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

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