Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

18 July 2020



Every man and woman is certain that what he or she sees or hears in every moment of daily life is because of cause and effect. He or she is also certain that what he or she hears is not only real, but he or she is also certain that it is real.

Every man and woman is also certain what to expect due to cause and effect. The question is whether this surety or certainty of man and woman is justified without doubt.

Article ‘Thinking (3)’explains that what exists within any moment is a singular movement of multiple human cells not moved by man or by woman. It is further explained that the multiple cells are moved by the intelligence in life in the moment, which is consciousness. 

Now, the multiple cells of man and woman are in the moment in life. This signifies that the movement of cells too is within the moment in life. Now, the moment in life is manifested by the intelligence in life, which is consciousness. Consciousness, however, does not have a cause.

Now, if consciousness does not have a cause, it implies that the moment in life too does not have a cause but, nevertheless, the moment is there everywhere just as consciousness is everywhere.

This signifies that what is within the moment does not have a cause, but whatever is there in any moment is yet there, which is manifested by consciousness in the moment.

Now article ‘Thinking (3)’ explains that only movement is present in every moment in life and the movement is manifested by consciousness and that the movement is made neither by man nor by woman.

Article ‘Thinking (3)’ further explains that what man and woman see is not what they believe they see. The article explains that man and woman believe they see an action and not a single movement in the moment, which is all there is in any moment. 

This implies that what man and woman hear is not what they believe they hear. It implies that man and woman’s belief that they hear a word in the moment is actually a movement of sound in the moment. 

This clarifies that what man and woman see and hear are illusions of movement and illusions of movement of sound. The physical, single movement of multiple cells is not brought about by man or woman. The single movement of sound is also not brought about by man or woman. 

There cannot be alternative movements to the single movement that is in any single moment. This implies that to expect, due to cause and effect, cannot be justified by reason and logic, because all there is in any particular moment is a single movement without an alternative.

The wise understand that the intelligence in life, which is consciousness, manifests an illusion of actual cause and effect for diverse activities out of a singular movement of life. This signifies that cause, effect and diverse activity is absent in life. Diverse activity and cause and effect is maya meaning an illusion

The enlightened realise that life is a singular flow without cause and effect. The singular flow is manifested by atma/soul/consciousness/intelligence in life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
The 19th century writer Lewis Carroll gifted the story of Alice and the magical Looking Glass through which she entered a world which wasn’t there. This article remarkably reveals how man and woman live in a world that isn’t there, hasn’t been there, nor will ever be there – a world that is the product of thinking and believing, the outcome of cause and effect. It is at times pleasing and at other times agonising, coloured by ego rooted in doing.That Alice’s world and ours is illusory is revealed by the wise, here and elsewhere, with clarity and understood with gratitude, if it is meant to be understood. So, enjoy the stories of Alice the more. 
Julian Capper.UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
The human mind is conditioned to believe that everything that happens in life has one or more causes. Science studies the causal relationships of nature. The ultimate proof that cause and effect are real, however, has not yet been and never will be provided by science, as Dr. Shankar's wise article reveals. Nevertheless, science, no matter what, is based on the unquestioned premise that cause and effect are real. This premise gives science and its conclusions the appearance of certainty. To question whether this certainty actually exists or whether it is ultimately an illusion is subject to thought control, which the human mind imposes upon itself because of its conditioning that thinking is real. Otherwise, the mind could not appear to be deceptively real. An examination of these things without any thought control can lead to wise conclusions that are irrefutable. These insights into the true nature of life as it is are shared with humanity in this article to break the ever-evolving illusion of certainty in the mind so that life can be lived as a spontaneous flow which it certainly is. Enlightened beings have a mind without thought control and never consider thinking to be real. Thus the wise mind functions smoothly as it is meant to happen and can spontaneously accompany everyday life in every situation as an obvious illusion without excluding or fighting against those who think differently. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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