Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

11th July 2017

Surrender Happens

“Intelligence of life”

Modern man or woman, in order to survive, faces both expected and unexpected challenges in daily life. Modern man or woman is determined to face the challenges in life and not to surrender to them. If they surrender, they are considered to be weak.

By facing the challenges with determination and overcoming them, modern man or woman is nevertheless anxious and not contented during and after the challenge. It only strengthens his or her determination not to surrender. 

Similarly, the weak, who surrender to the challenges, hope and pray that the challenges do not happen in the future. They too are not contented in daily life. They are advised not to surrender and to be determined to face the challenges.

Primitive man too faced many more challenges in daily life, for example, in getting food to survive. Though he neither knew it was a challenge, nor did he know what food is and how to get it, he nevertheless survived. 

The scenario is totally different in spiritual circles. Man and woman are told to surrender to the almighty. This once again keeps those who surrender to the almighty in fear. They request intervention by the almighty to keep challenges away from them or help them to overcome them, so that they can survive. 

Primitive man or woman had no notion of the almighty, but yet they survived. The existence of modern man or woman is evidence that proves primitive man or woman survived even though they never had a notion of the almighty. 

Nature has survived though it has undergone tremendous changes, including the living entities that had faced tremendous challenges. The living entities in nature have survived even though they do not know the almighty or what a challenge is or what is meant by surrender.

Modern man or woman needs to understand that a moment in life cannot be made by them, because a moment happens faster than the time needed for man or woman to make a moment.

They would then also understand that whatever is in the moment, including the moment, is made by the intelligence in life. They would also understand that it can neither be made by the intellect present in them nor by them.

When this understanding cements in man due to the intelligence in life, admiration of the intelligence in life happens to a man or to a woman. The admiration of the intelligence of life is the surrender, which the enlightened point to. 

When trust in life happens to modern man and woman that he or she will survive in life until he or she is meant to live in life, modern man and woman will be contented in every moment of daily life, no matter how daily life passes by.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
The understanding that each one of us has accepted as a basic, human condition is that happiness, prosperity and also just getting by in life are dependent upon our own physical and mental resources. Through prayer, supplication, request or demand we may call upon supplementary support in order to progress or even to prolong our own life and that of others. When the understanding grows and strengthens that every detail of our lives is sustained and supported by the intelligence that is life itself, that the intelligence of life is the resource that never fails, there will be contentment.
Julian Capper, UK.

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