Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

19th August 2017

Talking to



Talking happens in as many languages as there are. Some human beings also talk in many languages as well. This is taken to be as an attribute of learning a language.

Talking in many languages is attributed to learning. Talking in their native language is attributed to being taught by parents to their children. This is accepted by all as the truth.

This truth needs to be deeply understood if it is irrefutable.

Firstly, deep understanding of letters in any language reveals that a letter is a phoneme, meaning a sound. Therefore, it is sound that appears as a letter in the mind. This is the truth because the ears receive only sound-waves. 

Secondly, it is obvious that, while talking, only air from the lungs passes through the vocal chords and neither a letter nor a word. This is evident in the animal kingdom because the air from the lungs appears only as sounds and neither as a letter, word or language.

Thirdly, this implies that sound has mysteriously evolved as letters, words and language in the human mind. Talking further reveals that air from the lungs remains as sound in the animal kingdom.

Fourthly, breathing happens to man and, though there is sound in breathing as air passes through vocal chords, air as sound neither appears as letters nor words or languages during breathing.

Fifthly, parents do not teach their children to breathe or to make air come out of the lungs or into the lungs. Neither are adults taught to make air in the lungs nor taught to make air come out of the lungs.

Lastly, just as evolution evolves the movement of limbs in a child, as crawling, standing and finally as walking, evolution evolves the movements of the lips that appear as talking.

Evolution makes air come in and out of the lungs as breathing and air to come out as talking only in humans. Evolution has also evolved superficial understanding to humans that humans talk. 

Evolution also evolves a deep understanding to enlightened humans that talking precisely happens to humans and humans do not make talking happen in any moment of life.

Therefore, the knowledge that man talks and has learned a language is obviously refutable. That talking evolves by the intelligence in life, however, is irrefutable wisdom.

The enlightened understand that talking evolves, if it is meant to evolve, in the way it is meant to evolve. Therefore, talking in any language can neither be learnt nor taught. Talking is a mysterious gift to humans by the intelligence in life. Talking happens precisely as it is meant to happen.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
All human beings evolve in life in the manner and at the level of understanding that they are meant to. This may be in the simple process of communication that expresses need and relationship and that displays the degree of knowledge that has been acquired during the life-time. They get by as they are meant to.
Or they may come to understand at a deeper level what has been taken for granted. Understanding the gift of talking is a wonderful example as revealed generously in this article by the wisdom that has evolved in Dr Shankar.
Julian Capper, UK

German Translator’s Note: 
Every time we meet other human beings, talking is involved. It is unthinkable not to talk to each other. Information is exchanged, nice words are used, sometimes not so nice words, but at least communication happens. Communication means union. We would feel separated if the other wouldn’t talk to us. And in fact, if the other is more than angry, he doesn't talk with the person of which he is angry about. So, talking to is a basic fact of daily life. And it needs to be understood deeply, whether it is real or illusory. Dr. Shankars’s new article gives important clues for this deeper understanding. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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