Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

27 May 2019

Teaching (2)


Every teacher is proud of their teaching. Every teacher in school or university believes in teaching knowledge to students young, adult or old. Every teacher is convinced that he or she does teaching to others.

A teacher with knowledge understands that they do teaching to students in the language that they know. A teacher knows that he or she has learnt teaching from their teachers. This is knowledge of teaching.

What is wisdom of teaching, is the question?

Wisdom reveals that teaching was not taught to the first man who learnt from teachers because the question is, who taught the teachers? Wisdom reveals that the evolution of the movement of sound is known as teaching in the humans.

Wisdom reveals that sound which is uttered through a child by life due to evolution is crude. As the child grows, due to evolution, the uttered sounds through the child evolve from crude to a refined state. This is evident as sounds uttered appear as letters in the alphabet and as numerals in a child because sound eventually evolves to appear as letters and numerals in a child.

Wisdom reveals that every moment in life is precise and the moment is neither late nor early. Wisdom reveals that sound-movement within the moment due to evolution is precise and it is neither late nor early.

Wisdom reveals that the evolved movement of sound within the moment is initially crude and eventually becomes refined as evolution evolves. Wisdom reveals that a teacher teaching a student is precise as well.

Wisdom reveals that a teacher teaching a child and the evolution of understanding in a child is precise as well. Wisdom reveals that when a teacher’s teaching synchronises with the evolution of understanding, it deceives the teacher that they have taught.

Wisdom reveals that teaching is precise sound-movements in evolution. Wisdom reveals that teaching, albeit illusory, is a movement of sound.

Wisdom reveals that sound as teaching, including every sound in life, is included in the singular movement of life. The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that teaching, though present, is illusory in life.

Knowledge takes teacher’s teaching for granted. Wisdom is grateful to life for its gift of a teacher’s teaching to child.

The enlightened accept everyone as they are whether they teach or not teach. The enlightened understand that what one is meant to know one will come to know and that man is not the doer.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Imparting knowledge or skill is universally taken to be the function and raison d’etre of a teacher, such that it is a highly respected profession in every community. Even in the animal community the instinctive art of teaching informs its young by example. It is the sine qua non of animate existence. Little wonder then that teaching is not only taken for granted, but also that teachers in schools have morphed into competing guarantors of academic achievement. This is the outcome for a knowledge-based society. Such is the care of the intelligence of life, however, that its gift of wisdom imparted through enlightened men and women, as described in this article, is revealing the wisdom of teaching. Gratitude to life for the teaching of a child’s teacher is a mark of understanding that man is not the doer.
Julian Capper, UK.

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