Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
Published on
The Netherlands
03th August 2010


The Enlightened. The Knowledgeable

“Light and Sound. Time and Space”


Intelligence is life and life is light in life. Intellect is mind and mind is sound in life. Intelligence has evolved and sophisticated as intellect in the mind. Intellect in turn has evolved and sophisticated as knowledge in the mind.

The process of collecting information has evolved and sophisticated over evolutionary time as knowledge, such as religion, spirituality, science, academics and beliefs of daily life. Collecting information is a process of understanding which has happened to man, and man has not made it happen to him.

The understandings that happen in the intellect and lead to knowledge are the knowledgeable. On the other hand, the understandings that happen in intelligence and reveal wisdom are the enlightened. Neither the knowledgeable nor the enlightened can bring understanding about.

Understanding that has led to knowledge has a reference-point, which is the ego, in the knowledgeable. The ego is a happening of the process of evolution and sophistication in the mind and is not made by man. A knowledgeable man is a manifestation of sound.

Understanding that has revealed wisdom has a reference-point, which is the witnesser in the enlightened. A witnesser is an evolved and sophisticated ego. The knowledgeable man sophisticates as the enlightened when understanding happens to him that the world, man and mind are illusory and not real. An enlightened man is a manifestation of light.

Man is made up of five elements, just as anything else in nature, which make man a part of nature and not separate from it. Therefore, the world, man and mind are nature. Nature evolves and sophisticates every moment.

Nature will evolve and sophisticate every moment eternally, for life is light and sound, which is beginningless and endless. Nature has therefore evolved as the knowledgeable and the enlightened.

An understanding that is knowledge happens to man spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably as a process of nature. Knowledge appears in intellect in the mind during the waking state. The knowledgeable believe that man is the thinker, speaker and the doer.

The knowledgeable believe the world is filled with actions and situations, which are real in time and space. The knowledgeable is an example of nature, which has not yet evolved and sophisticated totally, but nevertheless is in the process.

An understanding, which is wisdom, happens to man spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably as a process of nature. The enlightened is an example of nature, which has evolved and sophisticated totally.

Wisdom appears in intelligence during the waking state too. The enlightened realise the knowledgeable man is not the thinker, speaker or the doer and that life is a flow in the timeless ‘now’ and nameless ‘here’.

The knowledgeable believe that conversation conveys what happens in life and, therefore, believe wisdom or enlightenment can be taught. The enlightened realise conversation is for conversation’s sake and does not indicate actuality either in the mind or life. They therefore explain that knowledge of any form is illusory and not real, and that wisdom or enlightenment can never be taught.

The knowledgeable believe that every form of knowledge is real. The enlightened realise that every form of knowledge is illusory and not real. The knowledgeable believe that words are real in the mind and in life. The enlightened realise that words are sound in life and in the mind too.

The knowledgeable is never content every moment in life and cannot be either, for knowledge is illusory in life and in the mind. The knowledgeable knows and, therefore, believes that the moment is time and space. The enlightened realises and is, therefore, aware and alert that the moment is light and sound.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar

© Copyright 2010 V. S. Shankar


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