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MA (Cantab) U.K

India Herald

Houston, USA

11th November 2009



Heritage of India


India has for generations been regarded as the original fountain of knowledge and wisdom by seekers of truth in the West. It is the country par excellence to which travellers from all over the world go to find spiritual refreshment and inspiration. It is the country whose standing and reputation for the teaching and practice of meditation and spirituality is second to none. It is the country par excellence where it is believed that wise men and sages in whose sanctuary peace and repose for body, mind and soul can be found.


One of India’s sons, Dr Vijai Shankar, born 60 years ago in India, has become the inspiration and a source for peace and repose in the West, and it is through his founding of The Academy of Absolute Understanding that life for many in the west has been touched and changed qualitatively.


Dr Shankar wishes to share his deep understanding of life and mind through the agency of this Academy, this time with all the sons and daughters of India, so that, in this great land, there may be a rebirth of its true heritage and a strengthening of its guardianship of all that is held sacred and divine.


In his book, the Evolution of Mind, Dr Shankar examines more deeply than any inquiry before the mechanisms by which every man and woman lives. Without a hint of judgment or criticism, this book shows how man’s mind has evolved and sophisticated and how, in the process, he has cocooned himself in a web of illusion. No one can dissolve this illusion to discover the reality he craves without the light to lead the way, and the book ‘Evolution of Mind’ offers that light.


To understand that nothing is out of place in life and that there is no fault either in mind or in the illusions it spins is no easy task. To understand that the ego, the great ‘I am the doer, speaker and thinker’, which has so far been known to be real, is actually illusory and not real is the wonderful gift of Dr Vijai S Shankar to humanity. The thinking processes of mind have never, can never and will never cross the barriers of the illusory world man inhabits, unless ‘The Evolution of Mind’ has been understood.


The work associated with The Academy of Absolute Understanding is available also in a remarkable spectrum of CDs, DVDs and books that have already been widely circulated throughout many countries. These are the recordings and writings of Dr Shankar whose theme over and over again is to lead man to realise his true identity, which is enlightenment.


Dr. Shankar is presently on a lecture tour of India to explain in detail that the world is ‘Maya’, a play of ‘Light and sound’ i.e. ‘Bindu and Naada’.


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