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24th July 2013



What does create mean?


In simple terms create means to make something. The religious think that God, a supreme being, created the world and man, and man later created everything that he uses in daily life. Science is of the opinion that the world and man were created by a big bang, and confirm that man creates what he uses in daily life.


History has numerous creations credited to man. Literally speaking, everything that man utilises in daily life would be created by man. If not, who else could have created them? Every creation, in its time, has been profound for it has made daily life appear practical and possible. To create, man has to make or build. Man has created spontaneously or after careful planning. Nevertheless, man has to work in order to create. But is it true that man can, has and will continue to create as long as he exists on earth? Or, is it true that creation has happened to man and will continue to happen as long as he exists on earth? This requires profound enquiry.


The creation of internet and the web is profound in the present time. It provides an insight into man’s ability to create. The internet and the web is not a physical place that man can visit or holiday in. The web cannot be seen, as it is basically light, and not a physical entity. Man can touch and see the functional components of internet. It is made up of atoms, which is light.


In present times, internet and the web, which is light, determine the outcome of every aspect of daily life. They determine navigation in all spheres of daily life. They navigate man on the road, the high seas and through the skies and space to reach his destination. Similarly, financial markets, elections, governments, businesses, manufacturing, marketing, research and design, etc., are determined or manipulated by the internet and the web. If that which is created by light is light, how real could the actuality be?


The internet and the web begin and end in an atom, which is light. This means that the internet and the web are similar to life, beginningless and endless, because no man knows where light begins or ends.


In the present day, man understands that his body, including his brain, is made up of atoms, which is light. Before the internet and the web were created, man believed he could create. By the creation of internet and the web, it is evident that light creates daily life. Therefore, it is inevitable that light has created and propagated daily life from primitive times. Creation will further happen to enable daily life to function in the future. Man will continue to credit himself for these creations, as he has been doing since primitive times. Man has no proof of his ability to create, apart from a claim that he has created and can create.


So what does create mean? It means creation has happened to man and will continue to happen as long as he exists. Light reflects an eternal illusion that man can plan, work, build and create.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013



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