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4th November 2013



What does daily life mean?


Man longs for the day to be meaningful to him. The day is meaningful to man if he is satisfied with it. He is satisfied when he is neither disappointed nor upset during the day. Some days are meaningful to him and some days are not. If his day is meaningful, man is happy; if it is not, he is evidently not happy. Man tries very hard for his daily life to be meaningful, meaning satisfying to him, but he finds he is unable to keep the entire day meaningful, no matter how hard he tries, wishes or prays not to be disappointed or upset.


A day has many situations and every situation has a meaning because of good, bad, right or wrong. Without duality no situation could have any meaning. In a day individuals meet each other. The meeting is recognised by the mind, and it may be with a friend, family member, colleague, relative or a stranger. The mind is a tool that recognises everything, without which man would not be able to recognise anything. The mind, therefore, recognises situations. The situation becomes an issue if it does not satisfy man’s beliefs of duality.


The mind is an inherent tool that has evolved within man, and he has no role in making duality happen. The moment a mind’s duality could happen is unknown to man. He does not know how or when a moment in life becomes the next. If he were able to know how or when a moment becomes the next, he would know how or when duality would happen. Therefore, how or when the mind will function depends on its evolvement. The words that are spoken and the thoughts that happen reflect how evolved the mind is. Just as the sweetness of a fruit depends on how ripe the fruit is, so too the quality of words and thoughts that happen to man depends on how ripe the mind is. Whatever the words that are spoken reflect the quality of that particular mind. The quality of anyone’s mind is not under his control, just as the quality of a fruit is not under the control of the tree. The quality of fruit is reflected by the taste it gives, similarly the quality of the mind is reflected by the meaning of words that get spoken. The quality of a particular mind reflects the understanding that has evolved for that mind.


Life determines the first meeting man has and not his mind, though it appears so. Similarly, life determines with whom we meet and it is neither chosen nor determined by the mind, though it appears so. This is because man is yet to understand that every meeting is precise as life governs the moment and not man. When man understands that meetings in life are precise, daily life will become meaningful and precious to him. He will be satisfied and grateful and not disappointed or upset, for he will realise that neither the words spoken nor their quality are under man’s control. He will only have love and concern for everyone who understands or does not understand that life is precise every moment.

So what does daily life mean? Daily life means, life happens through meetings, so that trust and patience in life may happen to man.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar©

Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013

Editor’s Note:
It takes courage and profound understanding of life by the author of this article to proclaim, as Dr Shankar does here, that both those who understand the precision of everyday life, as it manifests itself every moment, and those who do not, are cared for and loved by the wise. It will beggar belief for all but the very few that every, individual life is cared for and loved every moment of the day. Of course, it does not seem so, for each one of us is so trapped in our own mental convictions that understanding can rarely emerge in the face of the ‘evidence’ of the events that occur. Few barristers would succeed in winning the debate on this issue in a court of law. Even fewer would accept the brief. Understanding that this is so is the gateway to trust and patience in life.



German Translator’s Note:
The tree of life bears many fruits, the many different minds meeting in daily life. The sun of wisdom shines unconditionally but for most fruits wisdom is obscured by clouds which are man‘s beliefs, based on duality. All is a natural process of life. Daily life is an opportunity to watch the fruits on life‘s tree and how their ripening process is slowed down or even stopped by beliefs of duality as good and bad, right or wrong. By watching understanding sets in and wisdom shines through the cloudy sky to ripen each and every one who reads and understands this beautiful article manifested by the tree of life in form of a very ripe fruit called Dr. Shankar.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany



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