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21th November 2013



What does forget mean?


Man forgets to do. But what does man forget to do? Man sometimes forgets to do what is expected of him in his daily life. It may be either important or trivial; nevertheless anger and the blame-game usually prevail, especially within a family and between friends and colleagues. Harmony and peace is lost and regained only by the passage of time, but not before inflicting pain, displeasure and disappointment. Man is oblivious to the fact that many things happen in daily life, and life goes on despite his forgetting to do them. If man understood what forget meant, anger and the blame-game would be absent in any family, with a friend or a colleague.


Forget refers to behaviour too, because man is blamed for forgetting to do, speak or think appropriately. It becomes an issue sometimes, and anger and the blame-game are the outcome, but usually social protocols prevent them. If people with minimal or mediocre intellect are asked not to forget, it makes sense, but even the intellectual and geniuses forget. Therefore, it is not up to intellect not to forget. So it is not wise to ask people to remember not to forget. It would be wise to understand what forget means.


The fundamental factors involved are intellect, memory and thinking, because the word ‘forget’ implies failure of intellect, memory and the capacity to think. Intellect is an inherent characteristic of man, due to which memory and the capacity to think happened to him. Hence, man can neither control intellect, memory or the capacity to think, but he believes he can. Just as words happened to man, beliefs and ideas happened too. These words, beliefs and ideas happen to the human mind and man does not make them happen. He erroneously believes that he thinks those words, beliefs and ideas, but he does not; they happen to him at the precise moment. Similarly, man erroneously believes that he does actions, but he does not, though it appears so. Life is a singular movement that transforms mysteriously as actions in the human mind, precisely at the right moment.


In nature, different and never the same sounds happen mysteriously and disappear too. Similarly, different and never the same sounds appear mysteriously to the human and disappear too. These sounds mysteriously transform as words, beliefs or ideas. When they appear man believes he thinks them and, when they do not, he believes he forgets. Man needs to be grateful to life that words, beliefs, ideas and actions mysteriously happen and disappear too.


If man were honest, he would realise he forgets mysteriously. Life makes man forget at the right moment. If it is meant to happen, life will make it happen at the right moment; he just needs to be patient. Man loves to forget certain things in life, and therefore needs to be grateful to life that he forgets them. If man understands what forget means, anger and the blame-game would not exist in the family or between friends and colleagues.

So what does forget mean? Forget means, man needs to be grateful and patient with life.

Author: Vijai S. Shankar.

© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013


Editor’s Note:
Here is an article for everyday living and sharing, if there ever was. We all share in life and with life with each other, whether we like it or not. Thus has it been ordained with extraordinary precision who and what our cohabiters are. Do we have a choice is always the big question. Our belief in choice is significant for our self-confidence, especially when the outcome receives a high approval rating. But forgetting? So common is the occurrence of this that it is regarded as a negative feature in human beings, for often the ‘effect’ of forgetting may be very serious. Such is the thinking. Such is not the thinking, however, in this article.  Gratitude and patience are the rewards for understanding – remarkable.
Julian, UK.


German Translator’s Note:
In every relationship and even when we are alone with ourselves to forget is an issue. If we have forgotten something we blame each other or ourselves. It is, however, so simple: If man were the thinker he would never forget anything. But forgetting happens to man whether he likes it or not. So forgetting is a reminder of life to never forget that man is not the doer, speaker or thinker. Thank you, Dr. Shankar, for explaining in this article what forget really means!
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany


Dutch translator’s note:

We are told from our childhood up that we should remember and not forget. The belief we are the doer is so dominant, we do not look deeply into the mystery of forgetting. The mind however, will search diligently for ways to avoid forgetting and blames whenever something is forgotten. This article reveals that the presence of acts or thoughts and the absence of acts or thoughts happens without our interference. The illusion of us acting and thinking happens by life with incredible precision.

Paula, the Netherlands




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