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30th December 2013



What does logic mean?


Primitive man did not have logic that only modern man has. But when did logic begin and who could have started it? Could man have started logic? Man certainly believes logically that somebody surely would have started logic, otherwise how else could he ever have come to possess logic? Logic is made up of words that form a language. So logic has arisen through meanings that words have. Man uses logic to reach a conclusion based on facts. Conclusions on their part lead to judgments whose consequences in daily life to a family or generally are feelings that maintain harmony or displace it. And no man wishes to lose harmony or displace it. Logic is different for different people, nor is logic’s intensity identical in every man. But how real or factual could logic be is the question to be pondered with insight.


An insight into the origin of a word would be to trace its roots. The roots of any word are logically traced back to yet another word. Insight would further ponder what could really be the roots of the first word spoken by man. The answer is in the present. Any word is heard as a sound. A foreign language is an example that a word is sound. If nature is observed, it is obvious that vegetation and the animal kingdom make sound. This observation would imply that primitive man made sounds too, which have sophisticated as words and different languages. It is certain, therefore, that the roots of any word are sound. The insight would further lead on to what could be the roots of a sound. Present-day science, the roots of which are, paradoxically, sounds, i.e. words, informs that sound is produced by the displacement of molecules in the medium that carries sound. This means that, without a medium, i.e. solid liquid or air, sound cannot exist. Science further informs that molecules within any medium are made up of atoms, which are basically light.


Science further informs that sound does not travel in a vacuum. It does not mean molecules are not present in a vacuum. It means molecules are present in a vacuum that are too small and are yet to be detected. It only means that sound travels in a vacuum as well as light, which is neither detected as yet nor can be heard by the human ear or seen by the eye. Neither can man see light in the sound that he can hear. The speed of light within the molecules in a vacuum and audible sound is yet to be determined. Therefore, it is logical to say that the roots of sound are light.


Life’s intelligence has mysteriously manifested intellect within man’s mind. Later, through intellect, life manifested light as sound in the primitive man’s mind. Life later mysteriously, through intellect, transformed the sounds within man’s mind first into letters and later the letters into a word and further on added a meaning to the words. This led to the appearance of logic in the mind, whose roots are nevertheless sound. If logic is not a fact but just sounds that appear reasonable, how factual or real could a logical conclusion be is to be pondered. When man realises logic is illusory and not real, harmony will always prevail within a family or generally.

So what does logic mean? Logic means the intelligence of life cannot be comprehended by logic.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar©

Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013


Editor’s Note:
What a make-believe world we humans love to inhabit – and it is a very old habit. It is a cloak of deception for the wearer. Proud too and highly respected is the man or woman who commands the skill of logic and thus controls the ground upon which he or she stands. Insight, however, gifted by the wise in this article, reveals that the ground upon the logician stands is at best shaky and devoid of reality.
Julian Capper, UK.

German translator’s Note:
Any discussion is based on arguments containing logical conclusions. Logic may be used correctly but if the premise is wrong, any conclusion is bound to be wrong too, logical though it may be. Premises are taken for facts. However, the basic premise used by the logical mind is that the mind is in life and man is not aware that this cannot be the case. As the mind is just sound in life and therefore illusory and not real, any conclusion has to be illusory too, meaning only existent in the mind and not in life. Detailed explanation is given in this article to show the logical mind – paradoxically through logic – that life cannot be comprehended by logic. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany


Dutch translator’s note:

Even though the illusory nature of our world is often spoken of in spiritual circles, I have never before met anyone who has explained this illusion in such clarity and depth. The age-old identifying and naming has laid a veil of separation over everything. But modern man has the ability to understand that everything is build up out of atoms and that these are basically light. De discrepancy between the separation which we believe in and the reasoning and logic of this article, drives the reader to a deeper observation of live.

Paula Smit, The Netherlands




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