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8th May 2013



What does man know?


It is obvious that present day man knows a wide range of subjects by a language. But what did the first man on earth know? The logical answer would be nothing at all. Also, the first word man did know can never be known. Even to this day, it is not possible to know what a baby would first come to know.

It is also obvious that primitive man could have known only sounds, before sounds evolved as words in his mind. The collection of words formed man’s memory. Next, intellect related words from the memory to images within the mind, accurately. Even to the present day, a baby first knows sounds, then words, and later relates them to images in a book and finally to life.

As life evolved, man identified life with words. Initially, the identification was incorrect and, as intellect evolved, man identified life correctly with words. This feature is present even to the present day. For example, a baby may know the word ‘cat’, but identifies a ‘dog’ as a ‘cat’. And, as the child grows, the word ‘cat’ from memory is identified correctly with a ‘cat’. Even to the present day a baby comes to know its memory first and later the present, followed by the past and finally the future.

So, is there something that man does not know?

now, man does not know
1. that sound has mysteriously appeared as language and subjects;
2. that sound has mysteriously appeared as memory, past, present and future;
3. that the moment ‘here and now’ is eternal and not time-bound;
4. that life sophisticates mysteriously;
5. that man has never known in the moment ‘here and now’ any time and never will.


So, what does man know?
Present day man knows only his memory, which has mysteriously evolved as the past, present and the future

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013



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