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17th June 2013



What does man see?


What does man see? Surely man sees the world around him, and this cannot be denied. Man sees a dream, and again nobody can deny this either. If an enquiry is made ‘how does man manage to see the world?’, the answer without hesitation would be: ‘he sees the world, because he has eyes’. This is the logical answer accepted globally.


If the same enquiry were made as to how man manages to see a dream, the answer without hesitation would again be: ‘he sees dreams because they happen to him’. He does not answer: ‘he sees a dream because he has eyes’.


The question arises, how does man see a dream? Could man see without his eyes? Surely not, but he does see dreams, even though his eyes do not see the mind, where dreams happen. It is also pitch dark within his mind, but somehow man is able to see a dream. There are scientific theories about dreams, but scientific proof of how dreams are seen is still lacking.


The world is energy, which is light, according to present-day science. The sages declared that the world is light ages ago. It would be foolish to question this possibility. This means that the world, nature, the body, including the eyes, and matter are light. This means that the intensity of light appears as form, shape, liquid or gas. The sun, which is essential for life, is light too.


Man sees an oasis in a desert and runs towards it to quench his thirst. On reaching it, he finds it is a mirage and not real. The reality of a mirage, however, cannot be denied. This means that the light from the environment forms a mirage, which appears real in the mind, but is not real outside.


It also means that the mirage is equal to being a dream, which is seen outside. It is obvious that a dream happens while asleep. Likewise, a mirage is a dream that happens while awake. Spiritual connotations, such as ; ‘being’, ‘consciousness’ etc., would also be light and nothing else.


Man does nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to smell, nothing to taste, nothing to touch, yet they all happen.


They all happen because light-energy is intrinsically concentrated, and makes all shape, form, liquid or gas in the world appear. For example, light-signals reach the television screen, and appear like a world with shapes and forms, liquid or gas. Similarly, the world is like a big television screen, wherein the intensity of light-energy appears like a world, with shapes and forms, liquid or gas.


So what does man see? Man does not see; seeing happens to man, whereby light mysteriously appears as a world in the mind. The sages understood ages ago that life is a play of light and sound. Man is yet to understand this statement.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013



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