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15th May 2013



What does man Understand?


Primitive men and women perceived the world by sound, scent and touch until sound evolved as words in the mind. But what does perception mean? It means ‘the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses’.

As life evolved further, perception evolved as recognition, which meant men and women recognised and identified the world by words and not by sound, scent or touch. Even to this day, a baby after birth perceives its mother by scent and touch, as it did in the womb of the mother.
As the baby grows and evolves, it recognises and identifies its mother and the world by words and not by scent or touch anymore.


What does the word understand mean? It means ‘to perceive the meaning of words, written, heard or spoken by a language’. This means that the understanding of the present-day man has evolved from the perception of the primitive man. It means the present-day man understands the world by words, and primitive man perceived the world by senses. Since perception was a natural phenomenon to primitive man, so would understanding be a natural phenomenon to present-day man.


Man understands that a meaning of a word, in any language, has evolved from the intellect. He also understands that everything in life changes as intellect evolves. The change in understanding is quantitative when it leads to knowledge and qualitative when it leads to wisdom. As a metaphor; when fruits increase in a tree, the change is quantitative and qualitative when fruits ripen.


But what could understanding to the present-day man be? It is the same as perception was to the primitive man. They are two different words that convey the same meaning. As intellect evolves, words mysteriously impart different meaning to the same word. For example, to any man, the word witnesser means that he has witnessed an event in life, based on cause and effect. To an evolved man, the word witnesser means that he has witnessed a movement in life without a cause or effect.


It is obvious that understanding would increase in every generation because knowledge increases. Therefore, it is obvious that every generation understands more and better than the previous one. What man will understand in generations to come; only life can tell and not man.


Therefore, sound has evolved mysteriously, which appears as knowledge or wisdom. Even to this day a baby first comes to know the world and, as it evolves, understands what the world is. Similarly, man first comes to know the world and, as he evolves, he understands what wisdom is.


Until now, man has not understood
1. that sound has mysteriously appeared as knowledge
2. that sound has mysteriously appeared as meaning
3. that knowledge is not wisdom.


Man has understood knowledge that has mysteriously appeared, but not wisdom as yet. Life has given knowledge to man, which he understands. Therefore, life will also give wisdom to man, which he will understand.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013



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