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27th September 2013



What does oneness mean?


Man understands oneness as that which is complete or whole, but nevertheless made up of two or more parts. It can also mean to man that there is one God, but everything else is separate from God. It is difficult for man to comprehend or even understand that life could be oneness, and nothing is separate from it, including God. This is because man believes and is convinced by his belief that everything is separate from him, including God.


Man is conditioned by his beliefs that everything in life is real and separate from each other. Therefore, it is impossible for him to comprehend or even understand, by his present understanding, that everything in life could ever not be separate from each other. But he understands that they cannot be separate if life would be oneness.


Therefore, to man oneness will remain a belief, unless he understands that everything in life is not separate from each other and indeed life is oneness, complete and whole. The mind will always inform man that everything in life is separate from each other, and life just cannot be oneness. In order to realise that everything in life is not separate from each other, man would need to go beyond his mind.


The question is how does man go beyond his mind? It is a conundrum to him as beyond the mind is not a place where man could go or the soul could go. If the soul were able to go, it could whenever it wishes or wants to, as the individual definitely cannot prevent the soul. The soul need never have to go, as it is already beyond the mind eternally. Yet man endeavours to go beyond his mind and believes spirituality can certainly help him. But he has not understood as yet that any effort to do so surely keeps him well within the mind.


When man understands that his mind and time are illusory and not real, he is beyond the mind. Life through science has made man understand that everything in life, including the world, is energy, which in simple terms is light. This can only mean that everything in life, including man and time, is illusory and not real. To be real man has to see it, but he has neither seen the mind nor time in life, hence they both are illusory and not real.


As everything in the world, including life, is energy, which is light, oneness is present everywhere. Therefore, man, who is an illusory reflection of light, cannot be separate from anything, including God, and neither is anything separate from God, including man and time. Oneness happens to man if it is meant to happen, just as everything that is meant to happen only happens.


So what does oneness mean? It means that pure light or God is real oneness, and visible light, which reflects the world, man, and mind, including time, is illusory oneness.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013


Editor’s comment:
Blessed is the man or woman upon whom this shower of wisdom, gifted by the outpouring of one who has crossed beyond mind and author of these inspirational articles, falls. Thus, drop by drop and moment by moment the veil of the illusory is penetrated and point of view disappears - little by little at first. It is being understood that oneness is revealing itself from beyond the mind. It has an indescribable fragrance. Read and reflect - and enjoy.
Julian, UK.


German Translator’s Note:
"Oneness" is the keyword to understand life, this much man has understood. However, it is not enough to repeat "All is oneness" all over again to make man understand totally. And Dr. Shankar's profound, yet short, article "What does oneness mean?" should not be confused with such statements which could easily happen to the superficial mind. Man needs to ponder much deeper than his superficial mind which is not able to understand wisdom and this is what the article offers indeed. The last sentence that "pure light or God is real oneness, and visible light, which reflects the world, man, and mind, including time, is illusory oneness" is so profound that, for most readers, it may just be a beginning and not the end. Therefore do not miss to read the article over and over again and to ponder further with the help of the many books provided by life on 

Marcus, Germany



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