Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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14th September 2013



What does problem mean?


Every man and woman loves to live a life without problems. But everybody, young and old, confronts problems in their daily life. They appear unexpectedly, but could be expected too. Anything and everything that man knows, likes or dislikes can become a problem. If what man dislikes becomes a problem, he or she is not as upset as he or she is when what man likes becomes a problem.


Anything and everything becomes a problem when the object does not function as a man or woman expects it to, is damaged in any way, is lost or gets stolen. A human being becomes a problem to a man or woman when he or she does not behave, do, speak or think as expected. If situations in his daily life change or are unacceptable, they become a problem. When confronted with a problem, every man and woman tries to solve it. Man believes that, to do so, a solution is required. He finds that solution either easily or with difficulty, only to find that he or she is not free of problems, as they appear once or many times more in his daily life.


Man or woman also resorts to divine help either to ward off or to solve problems. The finding is the same: problems seem to follow man in his daily life irrespective of the presence or absence of divine help. Even a religious man is not an exception to problems. Religion, culture, education, wealth and good health, it seems, are not a barrier for problems.


Life comes only to go. It is like a wave in an ocean or any mechanical or electrical wave: it merely comes to go. The waves are never identical, but nevertheless they come and go, only to return. So too every thing in life is inherently a wave: it merely comes and goes, only to return.


In life objects merely come to go; actions, spoken words, thoughts and situations merely come to go. They are never identical, but nevertheless come and go, only to return. How they come and when they will go man will never know. Problems cannot be avoided or removed, as you cannot avoid or remove a wave and still be in an ocean. Man needs to understand that life is a mystery to live, but it can never be solved.


Problem and solution are like a wave too, they merely come and go, only to return. When a solution is sought, understand it will eventually become a problem. How a problem comes or a solution to it comes man can never figure out, but nevertheless they come only to go away like a wave. Problem, if understood rightly, man would find was a solution for a problem before. So when man or a woman looks for a solution to a problem, they are in fact laying the foundation for the next problem.


So what does problem mean? Problem is a wave that comes and goes, only to return as a solution. Problems teach man to TRUST life and be PATIENT with it.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013


Editor’s Note
Like the periscope of a submarine, the mind of ordinary man and woman rises from their deep sleep every day of their existence to seek out or confront that day's hostile problem. There is no such thing as a benign problem except it is in the form of a mathematical one, a crossword or a maze. With single-minded intent the solution to the problem must be found. This is the only method imaginable to the mind of man and it is repeated day after day ad infinitum. Realising that this is the case, man may come to understand how fully he or she has been indebted to life ever since he was gifted his first breath - the breath of life itself. He accepted that gift without hesitation. Let that same trust and patience IN life awaken in us every moment. 




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