Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

20th January 2014



What does time and space mean?

Time and space are inseparable. Time is required for space to exist just as space is required for a place or a thing to exist. Therefore, everything that exists within time and space is real to man. This is the truth about time and space to man.


In ancient days in-depth discussions about life and everything that exists took place in time and space and in a place that could be visited. Spoken human words in ancient days and even to this day are made up of sound-waves of human breath in time and space. Human breath is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour and many constituents, the nature of all of which is atoms, sub-atomic particles and energy, which are basically light. Just as lightning in the sky, which the human eye can see, transforms into thunder, light in the human breath, which the human eye cannot see, transforms into sound and mysteriously appears as words with meanings of time and space. The human intellect, which is light, understands the meaning that takes place about time and space.


On earth space contains sunlight, which means space is light which the human eye can see. Similarly, darkness is light which the human eye cannot see. Space, therefore, mysteriously appears as a thought in the human mind and is not an actuality in life, though it appears so. An enlightened being realises that pure light is real, and visible light (not entire sunlight), that reflects the world, man and mind (inclusive of words and thoughts of certain audible sounds), is illusory. He also realises that time, like space, is a thought too in the mind and not an actuality in life, though it appears so.


Since ancient times life has sophisticated tremendously. In-depth discussions these days about life and everything that exists, take place in time, but not in a space or place that can be visited physically. That space or place separate from time is the internet, which is basically light. Man embraces this separation of time from space. It is a miracle that in present times an in-depth discussion about life and everything that exists can be written in a place and space, which does not exist but still exists, which no one can visit physically, but still can visit, and is basically light, i.e. the internet. The writings explain in depth the illusory functions of the mind, whose illusory power convinces man of a make-believe, real world in time and space. Paradoxically, the nature of the writings is atoms, sub-atomic particles and energy, which is basically light. The in-depth writings and discussions are found in www.acadun.com.

So what does time and space mean? It means time and space is inseparable and yet separable. Just as everything in life is present, and yet not present.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:

For thousands of years time-keeping devices have been used to measure time, and these in turn have measured  our lives. Does a day pass, does an hour pass when we do not consult our particular device? And have we not already established the space we are supposed to be occupying? Thus, time and space are the conning towers of our existence.
So magically is this illustrated in the story of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. ‘ I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. No time to say hello goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!’,  the rabbit exclaims to an astonished Alice, or to no one in particular, as he consults his time-piece.
This article reveals how the magic of the mind conjures up such an illusory world into the reality we live, but do not understand, every day.
Julian Capper, UK.


Note translator:

Since early childhood we were taught that time is money and we should use it productively. We are always more or less in a hurry and never really happy where we are right now, except that it fits our plans for the day. This happens, magically, quite often – but not all the time. As long as time and space appear real to man, he will not realize that he is always precisely and exactly where he should be at any given moment in time, albeit illusory. A deep understanding that time and space are thougths in the mind and not an actuality in life, brings trust in life‘s precision about. Take your time, so to speak, to read this insightful article by Dr. Shankar – relaxed is he who looks at his watch without taking time and space for real. 


Note of the Dutch translator:

Our eyes can perceive only a part of the light spectrum, still we have images in our mind of the whole world and everything in it. We are comfortable with this world in our mind. The mind cannot imagine the illusoriness of visible light and of time and space, for the mind itself is part of this illusion. The mind needs therefore proof before it is able to think deeply about the statements of the sages about time and space. In this article proof is given and leaves the mind behind in wonder and man realises that nothing is what it seems to be.

Paula Smit, The Netherlands



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