Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

17 April 2021

What is going to happen

“In Life”

Every man and woman is curious and anxious to know what is going to happen in life for him or to her. Every man and woman wants to know what is going to happen in life concerning a situation to which he or she is not in control.

A child, on the other hand, without knowledge about life, does not know what is going on in life, so is neither curious nor anxious to know what is going to happen in life.

As the child grows, knowledge about life begins to evolve and soon the child gains knowledge about life. The child with the evolved knowledge soon begins to be curious and anxious to know what is going to happen in life.

This means that an adult has knowledge about life that has evolved  in him or her. This signifies that man and woman do not make knowledge about life, because they do not manifest evolution.

The most vital part of evolved knowledge that needs to be understood is: Knowledge has not evolved information as to what is going to happen to man or woman.

If evolution had evolved knowledge of what is going to happen in life, then man and woman definitely will know what is going to happen in life. But evolution has evolved knowledge to man and woman of what has happened in life after it happens in life.

This is why man and woman know with certainty what happens in life only after it happens and not before it happens.

This signifies that a child, before knowledge evolves in it, lives life instinctively as it happens without knowing what is happening in life or what is going to happen in life.

Therefore, man and woman know what has happened in life and can never know what is going to happen in their life in any moment. 

The knowledge of what has happened in life gives them hope of what could happen in life and makes them believe that they know what is going to happen in life. They cannot know this with certainty before whatever will happen.

Author: Dr Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2021

Editor’s Note:
Life itself, being alive, is everyone’s path in life – neither right nor wrong. For those who have happened to meet an enlightened being on their path, their important issues or questions are received here by Dr Shankar without judgement or scepticism. The question preceding the answer in this article is shared, especially in this period of pandemic, by millions of living beings.  The answer, in wisdom, is given from beyond the mind, through a wise man. Minds, conditioned for generations by beliefs and ideas in knowledge, may not accept or understand the answers regarding the process of evolution. May patient reflection be your companion.
Julian Capper. UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
This article reminds us how to deal with all the pressing and frightening questions in our thought world, if only we understand them more deeply than is usually the case: not as real, but as illusion. Elsewhere, Dr. Shankar has repeatedly explained and proclaimed: The life of every human is a continuous movement from conception to death, which did not begin even before that and does not end after that. Thoughts overlay the timeless transformational journey of life and create a mysterious illusion of numerous separate events of our earthly existence. "What will happen?", "How will it continue?", "What should I do?", are the guiding questions of the modern human mind in everyday life and in exceptional situations. To live life trustfully like a child but with the inevitable knowledge of an adult, albeit illusory, is enlightenment. Existential questions of all kinds find their spontaneous answer through the eternal irrefutable certainty of the timeless moment. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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