Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.

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13th May 2010



“Children - the door to enlightenment!”


Children are an opportunity given by life to understand the human mind. The ego‘s love always depends on expectations. If an understanding happens to man that true Love has nothing to do with expectations, that becomes the door to enlightenment.


Is it love when man compares his children with other‘s?

Is it love when man wants his children to be different than what they appear to be?

Is it love when man praises his children for what he thinks they have done expecting them to do the “right“ thing again?

Is it love when man scolds his children for what he thinks they have said expecting them to behave better?

Is it love when man rewards his children for their achivements at school hoping that they will improve further?

Is it love when man punishes his children for their deeds which he thinks are wrong?


True Love is unconditional, as is preached so many times in the name of Oneness but rarely understood. Children grow the way they are meant to grow, illusory it may be, for in Oneness there could not be a personal doer, speaker or thinker for many reasons. And children show their parents so often that man could never be the doer, if only he were alert and aware to watch and listen carefully! But the ego being convinced beyond doubt to be the doer misses these powerful pointers manifested in daily family life.


Love is the understanding that children are life‘s children and not man‘s. Love is the understanding that parents and children are Life and not separate from Life. Man is not the doer, speaker and thinker - this is the deception manifested by life.


However, this understanding could not be brought about by man, it happens if it is meant to happen as part of the evolutionary process of life, illusory it may be. Your children are your true Gurus. Family-life is your daily Satsang. Nothing could be more spiritual. Children are the door to enlightenment - don‘t miss this beautiful opportunity given by life!


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