Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.

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27th June 2010



“Do whatever you want!”


Do whatever you want! Don‘t be disturbed by the message that you are not the doer! “Doership is an illusion“ does not mean that you should not do anything. It does not mean that you should not try to achieve any goals. Who says you should stop doing, helping others or working for your livelihood?


Life makes you decide what you want to do. Notice that life makes you want it. Notice that life makes you do it or not. If it is meant to happen, it will happen whether you like it or not.


Goals are reached or not and if they are reached it does not take much time until the next goal is in sight. So why not set the goal so high that it is impossible, so that it could never be reached? This would be more realistic than a goal which could be reached, for the final destination in life could never be determined because life is without beginning and without an end. Therefore it is absolutely realistic to set oneself goals which could never be reached!


This will make you aware that goals are meaningless anyway because they are just relative and never real or absolute. Only certain apparent actions are defined by Life manifesting sound appearing as thoughts to signify a goal and these “special” sounds are the hallmark for man‘s happiness? Why be dependent on some thoughts? Understand this and you begin to enjoy your apparent doing all the time instead of being concerned about reaching a goal. The worries about not reaching the goal will naturally fade away and stress will subside.


And if you want to make the world a better place, if you want peace on earth, nobody could stop you trying to achieve this goal if it happens to you. What‘s wrong with trying to help others?


But if you want to achieve peace you will come to understand that you could only make peace in the world and for others if you yourself are peaceful within yourself. And this will make you aware of the war which is going on in your mind: comparing, judging, blaming, guilt, instisting, demanding, expecting...


If you really want to help the world, illusory it may be, you need to understand your mind and how ILLUSORY violence is going on inside your own mind. Only if it happens that you become aware of the violence in your own mind, you could offer REAL peace to others, and it will happen naturally without you doing it as everything just happens in this illusory world.


And if you believe to be the doer, it would be the most logical thing to “do” that you begin to observe your own mind to come to know how it functions so that you are free of it. Then “you” are available for responding to Life as it really is instead of just reacting to the life of thoughts based on interpretations and beliefs which your mind takes to be real whereas it is utterly illusory.



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