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1st May 2010



“Doers and Non-Doers are both illusory!”


“Letter: From a Father


Dear Shankar,

My son, in the last few months, has been to hospital for stitches to a lacerated arm, had a severely twisted ankle straightened in hospital, and is now in a hospital waiting for an operation to fix a fractured jaw and have a plate inserted! Excess alcohol was evident on each occasion.  


Is there something his father is missing out on for such regular happenings of an increasingly severe nature? 

A Father


Dear Father, 

You are not missing out on anything. This is the flow of life. Excess or moderate is illusory.  Every drop is precisely where it is meant to be. The flow is precise and needs to be for its journey is precise, and so is man's journey. The plate in the jaw is on its journey and your son is the courier. The movements of the doctors too are precise and that is the way they age - repairing your son. Everything is precisely where it is meant to be dear son’s father. Your son will grow up precisely as he is meant to grow up. Relax and the father will be relaxed when he understands his son is life's son.


Quote: Newsletter Academy of Absolute Understanding July 2009


This may be shocking for the ego. The mind is conditioned to believe in responsibility, whereas Life takes care of itself, illusory it may be. When it is proclaimed that “It is an illusion to believe that man is the doer, speaker and thinker” then the ego‘s illusory need for safety seems not to be met.


This is understandable, for the mind thinks that there is an individual believing now not to be responsible and therefore acting irresponsible. Understanding that “It is an illusion to believe that man is the doer, speaker and thinker” does not make an individual into a “Non-Doer” acting irresponsible. This assumption is the deception of the conditioned mind making the illusory world appear real.


The belief to be a Non-Doer would also be just illusory, for LIFE is thoughtless and timeless and individuals, Doers and Non-Doers are an auditory illusion of sound and not real. To reveal that all beliefs are illusory is not another belief. Therefore it is not dogmatic in any way.


"Teaching conditions the mind to believe that life is real, and also that something can be done either to correct it, shape it or control it. Understanding de-conditions the mind to reveal life that is an illusion and that nothing can be done either to correct, shape or control it.” Quote: Dr. Shankar



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