Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.

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28th April 2010



“Dr. Shankar is not a teacher!”


All spiritual teachings are illusory! Dr. Shankar is not a teacher. The Enlightened Being does not teach anything, not even to focus “your” attention on silence which is a common practice in the realms of the spiritual market. The Enlightened Being simply shares the understanding of life. The words life reflects through Dr. Shankar are not a prescription - these words of wisdom are an explanation how life reflects itself as an illusion, so that an understanding may happen and life could be lived in trust rather than in fear and with worries.


Spiritual teachers seem to live in a kind of “silent state” which is spiritual behaviour without clearly seeing or explaining that ALL thoughts are illusory. They seem to believe in cause and effect. And the power of illusion creates the deception in their minds that they are able to “think” more efficiently after their supposed “enlightenment” than before. That their mind seems to be more silent than the mind of most people is purely spiritual behaviour, but they nevertheless believe that man is capable of controlling life with "his" mind. 


Take the example of the very popular spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle who says: “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” The mind is not even a servant. But as long as the understanding did not happen that ALL known in the mind is illusory, the spiritual teacher‘s ego will teach other egos and the blind will lead the blind. And this is what it is meant to be, this is the understanding that happened in the evolutionary process to the spiritual teachers to maintain the illusory world as real. 


Dr. Shankar‘s insight into the illusoriness of the mind - pure Advaita - is much deeper than any spiritual teaching you could come across, it has a totally different quality: the quality of LIFE instead of MIND!



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