Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.


28th October 2011



Live life, not think life!


Man thinks life. The enlightened live life.


Mind is a mystery. Mind is time and thought. Mind is full of actions. In mind individuals appear real. Man appears as something substancial as everything else in this apparently real world. Mind beliefs in words and meanings.


Life is a mystery. Life is timeless and thoughtless. Life is free of actions. In life there are no real individuals. Man is an optical illusion of light as everything else in this illusory world. Mind is an auditory illusion of sound and not real.


Man believes that man is the doer, speaker and thinker. Man instructs, insists and demands for he believes that he conducts life. Man is driven by his beliefs which are followed by all kinds of feelings like anger, fear, sadness, happiness or unhappiness. Man is entangled in mind. This is bondage.


The enlightened understand that man is not the doer, speaker or thinker. The enlightened is free from his beliefs which are not followed by all kinds of feelings like anger, fear, sadness, happiness or unhappiness. The enlightened does not instruct, insist or demand for he understands that life happens. The enlightened is steady in life. This is bliss.


The enlightened perceives life not through the lens of the mind‘s beliefs but witnesses life as it is: a play of light an sound. The ego perceives only the mind‘s beliefs and takes it for real and as life.


The mind is not life. Life is to be lived and not to be thought. This needs to be understood and not merely believed. It may appear as such to the conditioned mind, but understanding is not the outcome of any logic or conclusion.


Man dreams. Man is not aware and thinks life as a sum of events, individuals and their actions. Man beliefs in thoughts as real.


The enlightened is awake. The enlightened is aware of life as a singular, unpredictable and uncontrolable spontaneous flow. The enlightened understands thoughts are an auditory illusion of sound.


Man cannot meet the enlightened. Man believes that man is real and the enlightend is a man too. Man believes that there is separation in life and that life‘s diversity is real. This is Dvaita.


The enlightened does not meet man. The enlightened understands that man is not real but an optical illusion of light. The enlightened understands separation to be illusory. Only oneness is, yet it appears as diversity. This is Advaita.


There seem to be two kinds of seekers: The one who tries to understand the statements of the enlightened by challenging the own beliefs, and the other who tries to prove it wrong by using logic and reasoning based on the own beliefs. This is what happens to them and nothing could be done about it if it is meant to happen.


Man does not understand the statements of the enlightened because they are contrary to his conditioned beliefs. One understands the statements of the enlightened if the beliefs are challenged. Man‘s ego tries to prove the statements wrong by using conditioned logic but cannot find valid reasons to prove his logic.


If the enlightened‘s statements are received as just beliefs they lead to a reaction which tries to defend the mind‘s conditioned beliefs. The mind is not able to trust life but only to believe what it already knows. Therefore argueing happens even with an enlightened being.


If the enlightened‘s statements uncover the wisdom which is already present in man, the spontaneous realization happens that man is just a thought, just a belief like anything else which is known in the mind. Then the mystery which life is and the mystery which mind is, reveal itself.


Man thinks life and believes he lives life but does not. The enlightened live life and do not think life! Life is a singular flow, beginningless and endless. Mind begins to end and ends to begin.


© Copyright 2011 Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.




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