Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.

Published on


9th June 2010



“Real Peace reflects the illusion of peace and un-peacefulness”


Man lives in the duality of peace and un-peacefulness. Man is always on the search for peace. He even tries to focus his attention on peace, because spiritual teachings have told him that Peace is his true nature. Now, as man is on search for his true nature, he tries to find it "out there”.


There are images and sounds happening in consciousness, light and sound. One image is replaced by another. One thought, which is sound, follows another. Feelings, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching are thoughts appearing in consciousness.


As one is replaced by another there seems to be a movement. This creates the illusion of a changing focus of attention. In fact there is no attention directed to something, but an ongoing spontaneous change of the content of consciousness. The illusion of attention is based on the illusion of an ego being able to choose the content of consciousness.


Peace is not something which could be focussed on. Peace is not an object. If it were, there would be the opposite of peace too and this is the duality the ego lives in. The ego always tries to focus on peace and to avoid the opposite of it.


The very search of the ego for peace, the very attempt to focus on “peace” equates with un-peacefulness. If this search of the ego is understood as being illusory, it might not disappear, but it will not appear real any more and this is real Peace.


Peace could never be experienced. Peace is man‘s true nature. The real could never be experienced, only the illusory. But if the illusory is perceived as illusory and not as real, in every speck of the illusion there will be perceived the reflection of that Peace which reflects itself as peace and un-peacefulness. The whole illusory world will be experienced with the underlying fragrance of Peace.


There will be no separation any more, nothing to prefer and nothing to reject. Duality will be experienced as the One appearing as two. The duality of the mind will be enjoyed in every moment of man’s life, illusory it may be.


© Copyright 2010 Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.



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