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5th January 2010



“Responsiblity and guilt - the shadow of the ego”


"Why do people suffer in the poor countries of the world? Why am I so lucky to be born in a rich country where nobody has to be starving? Should I sent them a little food? How much is enough? Is it my responsiblity to share all my food with the poor? Yes, I give some money to charity-projects, but why am I not sharing ALL of my property? How could I live my life happily while others are suffering because I don‘t help them? Am I not responsible for the suffering of others if I don‘t prevent as much as I could?“


The mind is conditioned to believe in responsibility. This is its burden. Guilt is the shadow of the ego which takes himself to be the doer and responsible to help others. Compassion is the understanding that man is not the doer. Otherwise even judgements and punishment will arise and this is not compassion but revenge.


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“The mystic happened to realize that "God is all there is". Religion happens when the mystic's words are interpreted by the ego with the concept of "man is the doer". Then guilt, damnation, do's and don'ts arise.“


Quote Reply “Wisdompoint“:


“There is a lot of 'happening' going on here. "Comments happen", "the mystic happened to realize", "Religion happens"...


Holocaust happened, oil spill happens, terrorist attacks are happening,...


Hey, it is just happening...Don't worry, it is just a reflection, an auditory illusion, if you hear the woman next door yelling for help at the top of her lungs, because her boy friend is banging her head into the wall again and again, it is just an auditory illusion. You have no control over the millions of muscle movements involved. Just happen into bed. Everything is changing all the time anyway...You happen to have some ear plugs? Happen them in your ears, and then the auditory illusion of sound won't bother your illusionary conscience any more.“


Life takes care of itself in the manner it is meant to be. This has to be understood and because man is not the doer and God is all there is, there is no danger in understanding this. It is a matter of trust. But the mind judges what‘s happening not understanding that it is not the mind which makes it happen. The mind is alway a delay, illusory actions get reflected in the mind after they have happened, the mind does not bring them about.


Man believes in his responsibility to help others. This is taken to be compassion. When it is proclaimed that “God is all there is“ and “It is an illusion that man is the doer, speaker and thinker“ then the ego is in despair or angry, because of the ego‘s natural need for safety for himself, his near and dear ones and for others. This is understandable.


Quote Dr. Vijai S Shankar:

“Life makes the mind happen. Nothing happens in life. Something happens in the mind as thoughts and not as actuality in life. Life is a spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable singular movement of optical and auditory illusions of light and sound."


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