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20th January 2012



Review: DVD “Business and Spirituality“ (February 28th, 2011)


Universities are supposed to represent the highest state of intellect in life. Scientists have attained the most sceptical view about all aspects of life. Without proof nothing has the right to be in business, and the public believes that this is rightfully so for no man wants to be fooled by others. Businessmen on the other hand are, by definition, most interested in what leads to increase of profit which is of value in business.


However, scientists as well as businessmen know, more or less, that something is missing in life. The longing for meaning in life drives even the scientific and commercial ego to take refuge in spirituality which is supposed to donate meaning to life. Man searches for meaning in life though the belief in proofs, plans for the future and increase of profit promise a meaning to life.


Honesty reveals that neither a scientist nor a businessman, whatever knowledge they may have treasured so far, has achieved the ability to be absolutely, independently happy all the moment! To be a scientist or a businessman is an expression of life that needs to be understood. The scientist depends on proofs to be happy, which he could never be, while he hunts for proof, and only hopes to be happy in the future. The businessman likewise needs the certainty of increase in profit to be happy, which he could never be, while he hunts for profits, and only hopes to be happy in the future. This is because “Enough“ is never reached by the mind, it only longs for more.


Man‘s mind in general is a businessman, a scientist and a spiritualist in various degrees too. The commercial aspect of the ego makes business deals not only to make a living but also in raising children as well as in relationships. The scientific aspect of the ego asks for proofs and argues about what is right and what is wrong. Man in general longs for happiness and a meaning in life which he tries to achieve in his free time by following the spiritual, religious and psychological offers of the market as well as keep fit programmes.


To convey deep insight into life to an audience is not an easy task, if the audience thinks beliefs in their mind about science, business or spirituality to be real. Nothing but absolute clarity or true wisdom manifested by life, has the power to shine through the intellect of a businessman or a scientist. This shining through leads, if it happens, to an understanding that life is spiritual as it is, including business and science.


Life has manifested the highly sophisticated sage Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD PhD to share wisdom with mankind‘s most sophisticated mind: the business-mind and the scientific mind. In utter precision, life as Dr. Shankar explains how the mind, as sound, is just an illusory superimposition onto life which is pure light. This understanding reveals absolute trust in life as it is. However this understanding also is not a product of cause and effect! It stands for itself, unprovable yet unchallengeable, profitless yet captive.


Life conditions the mind as the sophistication process of life and life de-conditions the mind as the sophistication process of life. Life as a singular, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable flow includes all forms and appearances of the mind and embraces man‘s beliefs as illusory thoughts, a manifestation of sound. As Dr. Shankar shares “The mind is the greatest gift of life to man“, it gives man the opportunity to understand that the mind is not synonymous with life. “Life makes the mind happen, the mind does not make life happen.“


Watch the DVD “BUSINESS AND SPIRITUALITY“ here available, for in every man‘s mind a scientific, commercial and spiritual aspect is contained which needs to understood as illusory and not real. Illusory does not mean it does not exist. It does exist as a transformation of sound and not as an actuality as the mind says. This understanding makes man a mystic.


And if it is meant to be, even a mystic appears as a businessman or a scientist in life‘s play. But the mystic never defines himself through the illusory belief that “businessman“ or “scientist“ is what he or she really is. Understanding the beliefs in the mind as illusory, is the true meaning of life which the businessman or scientist, as well as every man, is in search of.



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