Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.

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11th May 2010



“Life witnesses and not the ego!”


In the light of the witness, the ego disappears: For example an angry thought does not stay for long if it is simply watched by the witness, whereas if the ego gets involved in it, anger perpetuates itself again and again.


At a certain point in the sophistication-process from the ego into the witness it happens more often that the witness seems to appear on the stage of the illusory life to replace the ego and its egoistic reactions. This is perceived as freedom by the ego, because the ego wants to be free from its own conditioned reactions.


As long as a total understanding of the mind has not yet happened, the deception may arise that there were an “enlightened witness“ which “unthinks“ egoistic reactions of the ego. But this only means that the ego is back again by interpreting the whole process of sophistication as his own deed. This is nothing but a spiritual ego which thinks that it could use “its own attention“ to overcome egoistic reactions. It claims that “This is my witnessing. I use it to become less egoistic. I did the witnessing instead of reacting as the ego.“


The witness never claims to do something, the witness simply witnesses. The witness appears when it is meant to be and not when the ego wants it to happen. The belief to be an “enlightened witness“ with the capacity to overcome the ego is an illusion manifested by life to maintain the illusory world as real.


Life witnesses and not the ego! Life is an enlightened state, you are that enlightened state. And in this enlightened state there appears the illusion of an ego being “enlightened“ with the capacity to control the witnessing-process.


However this is the state the spiritual teachers are in. A teacher replaces the thought that man were the ego by the thought that man were the witness by encouraging the pupils to “witness“ instead of reacting without making clear that witnessing also happens and is not controlled by the ego. This only strengthens the spiritual ego.


Only a true Guru will explain clearly to man that witnessing happens if it is meant to be and not because the ego wants it to happen. The Guru shows man what man is not - beyond doubt. The total understanding of what man is not, lets the enlightened state of Life reveal itself spontaneously and uncontrollably. And the true Guru will never claim to be enlightened, for s/he is aware that s/he is not a Guru but the witness witnessing the illusory happening of a Guru explaining - with illusory words - why all known in the mind is illusory. What a mystery!


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