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1st July 2010



A valid question?”


Life is a happening. Every-thing just happens: thoughts, speech, deeds. Man is not the doer, speaker or thinker. And this is easy to understand for the mind, because it is logical. Only a few questions should be enough to make an intellectual understanding happen to man:


Does man never have unhappy thoughts? This is proof enough that man is not the thinker!


Does man never speak “unthoughtful” words? This is proof enough that man is not the speaker!


Does man never do something which he regrets later? This is proof enough that man is not the doer.


However, this relative way to make man understand is not deep enough for him to really understand what the world is all about. Therefore the explanations about the illusoriness of doership proclaimed by the AAU (Academy of Absolute Understanding) don‘t stop here.


There is not every-thing (i.e. thoughts, speech, deeds) happening; there is only a singular movement. This movement is light and includes sound too. Sound is a delay in light, meaning: sound is not separate from light as an actuality in life. Sound is a reflection of light and appears as “every-thing” in the mind.


“Man is not the doer” is a beginning but not the end of understanding, because this perspective is as if the world were real, containing an illusion of doership. Look at it from a different angle: There is no-thing appearing as every-thing: thoughts, speech, deeds. The timeless ‚Now’ which is light projects itself as the singular movement of life and includes sound emitted by man which only appears as thoughts and not the other sounds of life.


There is no outside world. The mind is the world, illusory it may be. Man is not making a spiritual experience in the Now, but the spiritual Now makes the illusory experience of itself as the thought of man. Therefore the supposed subject of an action as well as the action itself is an illusory thought only and not an actuality in life. No word could ever denote the whole singular movement of life, albeit illusory. No action - no doer. With this understanding the question 'Happening' versus 'Doing' does not arise at all.


But the question is: Why does illusory confusion in man not stop immediately after this is understood by the mind? Understanding as knowledge leads to illusory confusion, understanding as wisdom leads to real clarity. Understanding as knowledge is the understanding of an “I”, whereas the “I” is not present as a reality in the understanding as wisdom.


Therefore understanding or not understanding is not personal at all. Real understanding is the understanding that the mind, action, speech, thoughts and the “I” is illusory. Real understanding happens to “nobody”. This is the reason why there will never be an “enlightened person” as an actuality. An enlightened person is light which appears as a person with deep understanding that the world, man and mind are illusory and not real.


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