Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.


12th February 2012



Love is not an action, love is life


Only man asks himself how “to love“, what he or the other has done wrong so far and should correct in the future. Are stones, trees and monkeys searching for love? Do they ask how “to love“? How come that man is the only thing in the world having a longing for love?


Matter, plants and animals do not have a “story“ because the mind does not function as it does in man as yet. They ARE life as the timeless and thoughtless “Here and Now“ which is Love. Yet, they are not aware of it as yet for they have not yet evolved as man.


In man the mind has evolved as part of the spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable sophistication of of life. Therefore in man an illusory world appears in which apparent individuals do apparent actions in illusory time and illusory space. Man‘s search for love is based on this evolutionary story which the ego takes for real.


It is a story about the search for love between an I and a You. The ego is based on ideas, conditions and expectations of the respective culture, religion and society. These are not every man’s own story, they are stories expected to happen. This is the reason why love-stories aren‘t natural for every one but only expected. This expectation is not compatible with the spontaneous uncontrollablity which represents life because expectations project the past onto the future whereas life sophisticates and evolves timelessly and thoughtlessly in the eternal Here and Now. This reveals why love-stories find a happy ending only as a story.


TRUE LOVE is the understanding that man is not the doer. As man is not the doer he couldn‘t be a separate being either. Where there is no separation, love is; oneness lacks of nothing. Love is life. Life is an un-conditional play of light and sound projecting a drama between I and You which appears real to the ego though it is totally illusory.


Life is a singular movement, a beginning-less and endless flow without any separation. Apparent separation appears in the mind which is an auditary illusion of sound. Sound is light at a lesser speed. Thus man/the ego is not the doer. “I“ and “You“ are nothing but sounds in life. How could a whole word exist in the timeless Now? Therefore there are no actions in life that could exclusively be love. Actions as illusory words are a veil on life.


TRUE LOVE has no cause for cause and effect are absent in the flow of life. Cause and effect exist as illusions in form of words in the mind. All conditions about what the other should do or should not do are based on the belief that causality is real in life. This is why the ego searches for love in vain. The logic of cause and effect manifests the drama of ego-love and makes man ask incessantly how “to love“ while love as life happens on its own. Love is the intelligence which makes life flow.


Love is not an action, love is life: the timeless and thoughtless “Here and Now“. Love reveals itself as soon as the mind is understood to be completely illusory. The conditions, separation and expectations loose their, just symbolic, power.


The question arises whether the mind is a problem which separates man from true love. That seems to be the case as long as the mind is not understood as illusory as yet but still taken to be real. Life is love and does not manifest anything which is unnecessary or harmful, it would not be love if it did. The mind is the greatest gift of life to illusory man!!! It is the fake-love of the ego which provides the contrast that is needed for man to be aware of “being love“ instead of “doing love“.


Man is a highly sophisticated energy-matter-plant-animal-being with the ability to be aware that it IS love. This being aware is possible because of the mind which has evolved in man as an illusory manifestation of sound. This understanding is love without conditions, it is also called enlightenment.


© Copyright 2012, Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.


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