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20th July 2010



Spiritual beliefs


It seems to be an unwritten law in the spiritual scene that the understanding of the man who is accepted to be enlightened is not to be questioned. This is he who has undergone a “spiritual transformation“ and now sees “reality“ as it is – and this is written on his website or blog.


Nice stories are presented about a spiritual awakening and soon interviews are given and books with nice stories get published. The so called awakened one is accepted as a teacher or master. To the so called awakened man this acceptance is a licence to teach and his understanding is not questioned for it is a spiritual belief that the nice stories by the awakened are true. It is unacceptable, if it is pointed out that the accepted teacher‘s understanding is incomplete.


The spiritual jargon of what man‘s true nature is, is highly sophisticated. This spiritual jargon prevents clarity, and this is the intelligence of life to maintain its illusoriness as real. If the obvious contradictions between what is preached and what is practised is presented or discussed, the conditioned mind becomes a barrier for clarity. For example, that man is not the doer is commonly believed in the spiritual scene but rarely explained with clarity. In spiritual circles one has to practise to realize that man is not the doer. This is a contradiction, because if man were not the doer, how could man do or practise to realize that he is not the doer?


For example, some websites proclaim that teachings mislead, and yet the website offers a technique how to “direcly see the real without the overlay of thoughts“. This is not called a technique but nevertheless gets presented as if man could do it by will and choice, which would make man the doer, which he is not.


The contradiction is the understanding which has happened to the teachers and nothing wrong with it, for it is manifested by life and not by man to maintain the illusory world as real to the mind. It is not their fault and it would be beneficial to them as well as to humanity if their understanding further deepens to clarity instead of illusory confusion of which they themselves are not aware of as yet.


But the one to whom life has disclosed the subtle misunderstandings of teachers does not appeal to the majority. The disclosure of the contradiction gets interpreted as egoistic to “judge“ the understanding of others.


Man is not interested in listening to a man of clarity for the mind is conditioned to maintain its beliefs as real. Mundane beliefs are replaced by spiritual beliefs and it is difficult for man to understand the illusoriness of his spiritual beliefs, because the spiritual jargon is highly sophisticated and it manifests a spiritual deception.


The capacity of the mind to imagine is unimaginable. Enlightenment is an understanding with clarity that mind and life are not synonymous. Enlightenment is absolute clarity that EVERY thought which is within the mind is illusory and not real. Enlightenment happens to man in life and man cannot make it happen. Life makes man understand that all spiritual, intellectual and mundane beliefs are illusory and not real.



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