Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.

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5th May 2010



“The Power of Understanding”


The Enlightened Being is free of worries, fear and suffering. Why? Because an understanding has happened that the mind, individuals, actions and time are illusory. Therefore s/he understands that nothing in this world of thoughts could be shaped, altered or controlled by the mind. The mind is just a mirror to reflect an illusion of the world in form of sound appearing as words with meanings. All time and space, actions and individuals are in the mind only as an auditory illusion of sound. There is no world outside the mind.


In the case of the Enlightened Being, the ego which takes every thought to be real has spontaneously sophisticated itself into the witness which perceives every thought as illusory, just as a manifestation of sound.


However, this understanding is not a cold and weak state! It is the most powerful state you could ever imagine. If somebody comes close to the Enlightened Being, her/his trust in Life will dawn on him/her, if s/he is happy enough not to cling to the beliefs of the mind. The ego takes itself to be responsible for every thought, word or action and takes it to be real. Illusory on the other hand does not mean it does not exist, it exists but not in the manner the mind thinks.


The trust in Life which is represented by the Enlightened Being is contagious to those who are open to it. This is an unimaginable power! But if there is an “I“ which takes itself to be the conductor of this power and believes itself to be “enlightened“, it is deceived because then there were Two and not One without another (which is the meaning of “Advaita“). The Enlightened Being is not using the power, s/he IS the POWER itself (like everything and everybody else too, but the Enlightened Being is aware of it). There is no place for an “I“ to exist, the ego has happened to totally surrender to the Power which is Life.


To those around the Enlightened Being nevertheless an understanding of the mind has to happen by enquiring in every detail of daily life, otherwise the ego uses the words of wisdom as an umbrella to avoid life, illusory it may be. This is a trap of course, but nobody could prevent it from happening if it happens. It is, however, more likely that an understanding may happen in the presence of an Enlightened Being because s/he will not let you go away with your new beliefs which makes “Advaita“ into a “religion of avoiding life“.


The understanding that the mind, individuals, actions and time are illusory makes compassion possible, illusory it may be. The Enlightened Being has nothing to judge, nothing to take care of for her/himself and is therefore free to compassionately respond to Life instead of reacting to the conditioned beliefs of the mind. Before, the ego kept on reacting conditioned by its beliefs - now the witness watches Life responding to Life. In both cases nothing could be done about it, this is how Life flows. To deceive the illusory ego that Life could be shaped, altered or controlled is the incredible intelligence of Life which is unimaginable.


Life is Love and the Enlightened Being is “Love in action“, illusory it may be. But if the ego only listens to its own beliefs in the presence of the Enlightened Being, the ego will be even more deceived than before. Only if the mind begins to enquire into itself wether thoughts are real or illusory, an opening could happen, and, instead of being imprisoned in the mind, man begins to trust Life and to live Life because man will have understood that man, as everything else, is Life and not separate from it.


Don‘t miss the rare opportunity to meet an Enlightened Being alive, illusory it may be. Only the illusory could be enjoyed, never the real!


© Copyright 2010 Marcus Stegmaier, M.A.



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