News is exciting to the young and old alike, if it fits into their belief-systems. Man thinks no news is good news because he fears that news may bring in tidings which do not fit his beliefs. He needs to understand that no news is good news and also that any news is good news, for all news is illusory in a world which is illusory. News that conveys this understanding is good news.



Summer is here!

Academy of Absolute Understanding is hosting two weekends of Self-Enquiry with Dr. Shankar in July and August. During these weekends Dr. Shankar will share an understanding of "Life As It Is".


First weekend: MUNICH: 24th - 26th July

On Saturday 25th the "The Power of Illusion" translated into German by Marcus Stegmaier will be launched.

Please share the information with your friends.


Second weekend: BELGIUM: 28th – 30th August

The weekend will be held in idyllic Torhout, Belgium. It will be extra special because the first volume of  "Understanding Life" series will be launched on Saturday, August 30th.


See schedule in for detailed information and registration.




Monthly satsangs in Amsterdam June 2009


Foto by Gerard




Next satsang in Amsterdam 17 th - 19 th July. See schedule


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New DVD’s, CD’s


New DVD’s available:


1. Greatest Gift

2. Body Identification




New CD’s avaible:


1. Purity

2. Sensations

3. Opinions (1)(2)(3)







New book

In the newsletter of April it was mentioned the academy will be able to print nine books this year.


The title of the latest book is “Evolution of Mind”



Book launches.


1. Germany dd 25th July 2009




“The Power of Illusion”

Translated in German


Marcus Stegmaier



2. Belgium dd 29th Aug 2009




“Understanding Life - Five Elements”

Volume 1




3. Denekamp dd 19th Sept 2009






“Kaivalya Gita”

Volume 7





Paul Dekker, Maastricht


Dr. Vijai S. Shankar unveils and puts at hand range for mankind the absolute understanding that man is not the doer, thinker or speaker. An understanding that the world, man and mind is a reflection of life. Life has prepared itself for this moment to unlock it’s potential and gift an enlightened being Dr. Vijai S. Shankar to share this understanding, so that man may realise his true nature. Never before in history has life put forward such an enlightened being to help man with self-realization, for only now has life reached the point to do so in it’s evolution. Therefore the Academy of Absolute Understanding is not only the first, but is also a unique academy that will preserve for generations the wisdom of what life is and invites man to live it. Let us witness this historical event that is happening right here and now.


Comment ‘The Epic of Absolute Understanding’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany


After reading the June newsletter, the thought came to me, that this special book "The Epic of Absolute Understanding" would be a nice family-heritage and an opportunity to pass wisdom from one generation to the next.


Comment: KG 3 and CD ‘Doer’

Elisabeth van Wordragen, Den Haag


Together with Kaivalya Gita Volume 3, the satsang ‘Doer’ has helped me a lot! Really amazing understanding.


Letter: From a Father


Dear Shankar,

My son, in the last few months, has been to hospital for stitches to a lacerated arm, had a severely twisted ankle straightened in hospital, and is now in a hospital waiting for an operation to fix a fractured jaw and have a plate inserted! Excess alcohol was evident on each occasion.  

Is there something his father is missing out on for such regular happenings of an increasingly severe nature? 

A Father


Dear Father, 
You are not missing out on anything. This is the flow of life.  Excess or moderate is illusory.  Every drop is precisely where it is meant to be.  The flow is precise and needs to be for its journey is precise, and so is man's journey. The plate in the jaw is on its journey and your son is the courier. The movements of the doctors too are precise and that is the way they age - repairing your son. Everything is precisely where it is meant to be dear son’s father. Your son will grow up precisely as he is meant to grow up.  Relax and the father will be relaxed when he understands his son is life's son.


Comment: Kaivalya Gita Vol.1


Mark Saunders, United Kingdom.

Last night I received a copy of Kaivalya Gita Vol.1 and read just the first chapter on loneliness, it was the most profound exposition of Advaita Vedanta I have ever come across!


Comment: Denekamp weekend and DVDs


Teun Ramaekers, Maastricht

The Denekamp satsangs were BEAUTIFUL. I enjoyed editing them so very much!!!!. I was really very captured by how You showed us the evolution of the mind. It clarifies deeply how our mind is functioning today. I 'm very touched. Also the dvd "reaction and response" is like a lightbulb lighting up and made me understand there is really no seperation.You told us this many times before but I did not hear it...I was very touched by this satsang specially. There are also 2 dvd's  "Attention " and "Force of life"...again what a piece of art.






“Life makes the mind happen.”




Dr. Vijai S Shankar