Birthday Dr. Shankar

On 21st November the sixtieth birthday of Dr. Shankar was celebrated. The day marked the 10th anniversary of satsangs in Amsterdam.

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Comment: ‘Birthday’

Sandra van Elst, Netherlands

Dear Dr. Shankar, although every day is a special day, the 25th of November is an extra special day. This is because you came in this world to help humanity to live life and enjoy the illusory. Happy birthday!


Comment: ‘Birthday’

Barbara, Munich, Germany

Guruji, you are the Hoover in my mind!
Happy Birthday.


Comment: ‘Birthday’

Harrie and Diny, Netherlands

Dear Guruji, Today we want to wish You a very happy birthday and wish You a nice day

The celebration of the birthday and jubilee last saturday was anyway a sublime party but also very inspiring happening.


Comment: ‘Birthday’

Balachandran, Houston, Texas

Swamiji, our humble pranams to you on the happy occasion of your 60th birthday.

Our regards to all who have arranged this function on your 60th birthday.


Comment: ‘Birthday’

Family Benerink, Denekamp

Dear Guruji, we wish You a veeeeery happy birthday. Thank You for Your patience with us. Thank You for being in our lives

Comment: ‘Birthday’

Marlies, Gellen
Dearest Guruji, Best wishes for a Happy 60 th Birthday!! I hope you had a very nice weekend , and today a very nice birthday! I hope you are fine and healthy. You are always in my heart, lots of love and greetings,


Comment: ‘Birthday’

Floris, Maastricht

Hello Guruji, Not sure if I spelled that correctly but it looks good. : ) Having missed your birthday bash this weekend, I thought I'd say happy birthday like this; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 60 years huh? That's pretty old I guess. So old it gets cold.  Just wanted to wish you well because I haven't seen you in a while. I hope you live long and prosper. (isn't that from Star Trek? )


Comment: ‘Birthday’

Anuradha, Chennai, India

Pranams Bapu, wishing you a very happy birthday from all of us. Guruma told me that everybody  had come and had a great celebration. I am so happy.


Comment: Article ‘The end of times is the beginning of the new’

Julian Capper, UK.

Such a perfect expression of what is and what is not. Such a release from the bonds and chains of desire and its concomitant thoughts


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12th December Saturday 20.00u Amsterdam v Boshuizenstraat 560

13th December Sunday 19.00u Amsterdam v Boshuizenstraat 560



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