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‘Evolution of Mind’



Dr. Vijai S Shankar gifts mankind a profound insight into the evolution of mind,

so that man may traverse beyond the confines of mind.






23rd January


Comment: Book: ‘Evolution of Mind’

Julian Capper, UK


Before we human beings agree or decide to enter physically or mentally into anything at all in our lives, we have recourse to the mind. This prepares us and makes us safe, so we believe, for what is to happen next. However, however, before the two most significant events in our life there can be no question of an agreement or a decision: our birth and our death. We might not have agreed to our birth, had we the chance, and we certainly would not have agreed to our death. We can have no recourse to mind then. In between these two monumental, some might say miraculous events in our lives, from the moment we wake up from deep sleep each and every day to the moment we return there each and every night, we have recourse only to our mind, our super-consultant. Is it not a wonder then that we understand absolutely nothing about the mind? Research programmes into mind have been created, treatises written, lectures given and experiments carried out – and yet we remain ignorant about mind. However, however, the process of maturing and sophisticating has magically been taking place anyway in the evolution of humanity, and a new and deeply penetrating understanding of mind is now being given to mankind in Dr Shankar’s book, Evolution of Mind. Dr Shankar is a living Indian sage who has crossed beyond mind in his journey of self-examination - he speaks from what is.


Read this book and, when it happens, your conditioned mind will either object or take recourse to the mind and its beliefs to what is written on each page. But, on repeated readings, watch - the mind quietens down and gradually and surely understanding emerges. This understanding is a miracle – be in no doubt. It allows man to live life in trust, which is enlightenment, without the need to consult the super-consultant, the mind.



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‘Evolution and Creation’

‘Life after Death’


 Comment: Article ‘Evolution and Creation

Julian Capper, UK.

The ego, however virtuous or reasonable its mask, may drive a man or woman or a group of men and women to espouse a cause or a belief that is bound to divide and separate. Lack of understanding of the most basic question that grips man, his origin, has provoked the fiercest and most prolonged dissent between scientists and religious devotees, for their search for answers has taken incompatible paths. Dr Shankar’s article on the issue of Evolution and Creation takes neither side for his understanding arises from beyond mind and ego. The warring parties in this dissent have failed to realise that the essential element in their own contention, be it evolution or intelligent design, is being denied to the other party. There is no divide that is unbridgeable with the gift of understanding.


Comment: Article ‘Life after Death’

Julian Capper, UK.

'Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!' - a central tenet of the Epicurean philosophers - has been shared by countless men and women through the ages, whilst the fear of death, as extinction, has driven man to seek other after-death solutions, the most palatable being a blissful existence in eternity. Man's constant recourse to his mind in his journey through life has brought him to regard life as a bitter experience, thus arousing a longing for death and a release from the life he lives. Small wonder given his lack of understanding of the gift of life! This article on the most popular misconception ever to have been proclaimed by the learned and the unlearned alike reduces the theory of a life after death to the power of imagining - nothing more. Man's confusion is resolved here in Dr Shankar's understanding here that death is a form of life.


Comment: Article ‘Evolution and Creation’

Marcus Steigmaier, Stuttgart

The article "Evolution and Creation" contains the core of what Dr Shankar stands for: the fusion of science and religion. "Science and religion are not really contradictory" is the message of this article - only some illusory beliefs separate them. The article puts a different light on the topic from each side and shows that both should be able to notice that they point to one and the same source of life. 


 Comment: Article ‘Life after Death’

Marcus Steigmaier, Stuttgart

The article "Life after Death" may be shocking for the religious people. And it may be accepted by the anti-religious people who are laughing about the ideas of god and life after death. But they also do not understand, that the life which they consider to be real and present is also in no way different form the life after death which the religious people are dreaming of: Both are nothing but illusory thoughts. So this article is deeper than everything which is usually said about this topic. 


  Comment: Article ‘Evolution and Creation’

Dori, Netherlands

What a beautiful, well-balanced article is "Evolution and Creation" Incredible!


Comment: Article ‘Evolution and Creation’

Randy. Netherlands 

It was a joy and moving to read what appears to be just a few simple words. The article is beautiful for it synthesizes what appear to be poles apart. Nobody wants his beliefs or theories being refuted and yet we embrace beliefs and theories even though they can only bring in exclusion. If it wasn't for your explanations inclusion and admiration of an illusory yet precious variety would remain far fetched. I do not see how I could wish for more in 2010 and the years that follow.

 Comment: CD ‘Man and Mind’ and KG 7.

Elisabeth van Wordragen

This satsang is very close to my heart. Words such as ‘You will enjoy every moment when you understand there cannot be any concept in the mind.’ I am enjoying the reading of KG 7. The understanding to just watch what happens. That to hypothesize is man’s conditioning.



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