Book launch ‘Evolution of Mind’


Book launch ‘Evolution of Mind’ was well attended.

Julian Capper, editor of the book was amongst the many guests.



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Meeting with scientist Julian Barbour in Oxford on 2 February.


Dr. Barbour poses with the book 'The Illusions of Life' beside Dr. Shankar.



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Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’

Julian Capper, U.K

The book ‘Evolution of Mind’ is a ground-breaking insight into suffering which inflicts every man and woman despite being insulated by every form of comfort and security that money can buy. Man can never escape the suffering in his life until he first understands his or her mind, though many remedies and options are readily available. Yet man is unable to relieve himself of his or her suffering permanently.


Mind is the primary cog in every person’s wheel of life, whether he or she likes it or not. Whatever it is that approaches man in his life has first to pass through the screen of mind by virtue of which it receives its colour and its worth. Man’s option to receive whatever approaches him in life without this screening process is absolutely nil.


What does this mean? It can only mean that every man and every woman is caught in the web of the spider, the mind, which has no existence in the present moment of life. Yet, he is so caught for the whole of his life until he or she is dead. Man needs to understand this cog in the wheel of life.


Little wonder, therefore, that life has brought forth for humanity a sage whose deep understanding of mind relieves man and woman from his and her suffering. The wisdom that eases the cog in the wheel of life is the remarkable book the ‘Evolution of Mind’.


Comment: Article ‘Time and Date’

Julian Capper, U.K

'Once upon a time' is the traditional start to a dream-story, often about a prince or knight on a white charger. It has an unreality that is loved by all. 'I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. No time to say  ''hello'' ''goodbye'' - I'm late, I'm late, I'm late' said the White Rabbit to nobody in particular, as he ran in haste glancing at his watch. Another story that is loved by all. The illusory nature of time and date is thus beautifully demonstrated. And yet time and date have been endowed with iconic status in every capital city in the world, for example, the clock of Big Ben in London. Date too is of overriding significance at the start of every so-called New Year: ' 2010 the start of a new decade' is proudly announced in every language under the sun and by every religion, no matter their innate hostility. In this fashion mankind has lovingly and purposefully shaped his his-story of life. Dr Shankar's article is a beautiful insight into man’s marriage with the illusory.


Comment: Article ‘Planning’

Julian Capper, U.K

'Man proposes, God disposes' is a well-known and respected saying; so too are the poet's words: 'The best laid plans of mice and men go astray.'  Nonetheless, man goes on planning for all he is worth, and his worth is assessed according to the sophistication and outcome of the plan. Strangely enough, we all know that things just happen - it's in the words we use: 'Nobody is to be blamed - the disaster just happened' said a survivor of the Haiti earthquake. Dr Shankar's article on Planning relieves man of the responsibility for the 'negative' side of what happens in life, but also, less agreeably, relieves him, or rather his ego, of the 'positive' side. Is this a conundrum? Reflect on this article.


Comment: Article ‘Time and Date’

Dori, Netherlands

It's a beautiful article. Such a sharp observation of life. It shows very clearly how relative time is and how it's just a part of sophistication of  an illusory world


Comment: Satsangs ‘Doership Examined’ and ‘Apology’

Elisabeth van Wordragen, Netherland.

In ‘DOERSHIP EXAMINED’ you raise the question, ‘what could it be which can override a detailed explanation which covers up all that you have understood. Is man hypocrite or honest?’ It is such an enlightening satsang. In ‘APOLOGY’ you share ‘The Enlightened One is He who gives you an understanding of the illusory nature of life and the mind. That you apologise to Him for not realizing that ‘neither am I the doer, nor is the other.’



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