Interview: Iain McNay interviews Dr. Shankar on Conscious.TV



5 February 2010, London



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Article by Dr. Shankar in ‘Visionen’ magazine, Germany

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Comment: Book ‘The Evolution of Mind’ A review

Julian Capper, UK


Not since the publication of The Origin of the Species in 1859 has a book of such importance been published. The Evolution of Mind, printed in January 2010, charts with meticulous precision and unparalleled clarity man’s inner journey in life’s evolutionary path.


This is the work of a living Indian sage, Dr Vijai Shankar, who, uniquely, speaks and writes in English. It is the realisation of a man who, trained as a medical doctor and scientist, has devoted his career to sharing his deep understanding of the evolution of mind across the world.


Man, he reveals, rests his entire human case and places his total dependence on the subtle processes of his mind: beliefs, feelings, emotions, memory, language, meanings. He has taken the world of opposites - the duality of right and wrong, black and white, good and bad, moral and immoral, spiritual and materialistic - to be the benchmark of life itself, in short, to be his reality.


In this evolutionary process, however, man is yet to awaken to the wisdom and intelligence of life. Dr Shankar explains that man’s utter conviction in the belief that he is the doer, thinker and speaker holds him in bondage and robs him of the miracle of living life.


When it happens that man crosses beyond the confines of illusory mind, he will discover freedom that surpasses all imagination and expectation – a freedom, which once found, can never be lost.



Comment: Book ‘The Evolution of Mind’

Gerard Benerink, Denekamp, The Netherlands

Thank You for explaining so clearly in the book ‘Evolution of Mind’. Gerard is happy. For man to understand that daily life according to the mind is not what ‘life really is’ is not easy.

It is so deep rooted for most people that what the mind says about life is life, but you point out that it is not so, clearly. Fortunately, we have an 'Example' of who and what Life is and is so willing to make us understand. What a gift.



Comment: Dr. Shankar’s meeting with scientist Julian Barbour in Oxford 2 February.

Marcus Stegmaier, Stuttgart, Germany

“Wisdom and Science“: Two sides of the same coin


“Time, mind and individual would be needed for an action to exist. Movements evolved as time. It was the movement of the moon that evolved as time...“

“It was the movements of thoughts which evolved and sophisticated as the mind.“

“Movements evolved and sophisticated as time, mind and an individual.“

“Since time, mind and individual are illusory, the existence of an action is illusory and not real. An action is an optical illusion of a movement.“

Vijai Shankar in “Evolution of Mind“, 2010


“Intervals of time do not pre-exist but are created by what the universe does.“

“Time as an independent concept has no place in the foundations of physics.“

“The quantum universe is static. Nothing happens; there is being but no becoming. The flow of time and motion are illusions.“

Julian Barbour in the essay

“The Nature of Time“, 2008 (


From “inside“, in each one‘s direct experience, Dr. Shankar‘s pointers reveal the true nature of life by showing that the mind does not exist as a reality but as an illusion - which means: man is not the doer, speaker or thinker. What Dr. Shankar proclaims - beyond the shadow of a doubt is a herald of wisdom – which Barbour proves scientifically. Barbour as a scientist with sharp insights into life as it really is, investigates time with the accredited means of science, from “outside“ and comes to the same conclusions as Dr. Shankar comes through direct experience from “inside“.



Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind‘

Paul Dekker, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dear Doctor, came to translate the first thirteen pages of Evolution of Mind in Dutch, why? no idea!, just attracted to, find it a mega super good book, looks as if I have been waiting for it a lifetime long, hope to continue the process of translating, see how this will evolve, don’t know, maybe somebody else is already translating it in Dutch, may be the quality of my translation is not good, anyhow, it would be good Dutch minded people would be able to read the book in their native language, for it is of tremendous importance, it has taken it’s primary position on my personal as well as on my professional bookshelf (theatre, acting), after the publication of the book Evolution of Mind the art of theatre can’t be the same any longer, for the clear and the precise explanations the book delivers on subjects as evolution, mind, words, meanings, duality, languages, beliefs, feelings, emotions and memory, is of invaluable and inevitable meaning for an art form as acting that itself is build upon all these elements, so dear Doctor, theatre’s and my gratitude go to You the author of  Evolution of Mind, let any man and in particular any actor who reads this book benefit from its wisdom, for reading unveils a treasure one is consciously or unconsciously longing for to learn to understand: Evolution of Mind.



Comment: On interviews

Liberated Soul, Dublin, Ireland

I am someone who is liberated, and hearing your words I have no doubt that you have seen through the illusion of ego too. I know your intention now is only to help other people, and in that regards may I offer you a tip. I think it'll be easier for you to spread your teachings and wisdom if you answered an interviewer's question to the point generally. Of course, not as a rule, that's only a general suggestion to adhere to on most occasions. Also, if you could be more tuned into the interviewer's point of you, it might make your interviews better. That’s all I wanted to say.


Dr. Shankar: Response to Liberated Soul

A question is always answered directly and to the point by Shankar, whoever the questioner or whatever the question may be. A liberated soul does not suggest for he realises speaking happens to man and man does not make speaking happen. 



Comment: Interview on ‘Conscious TV’

Marcus Stegmaier, Stuttgart. Germany

The whole "Dr Shankar" happened to be squeezed in this one hour: illusion and reality, life as a reflection of light and mind as a manifestation of sound, evolution and doer ship, science and understanding, the timeless and thoughtless ‘now’...Beautiful interview!



Correspondence: Academy of Absolute Understanding and Prof P de Blot

Prof P. de Blot: World cannot change but man can...

Academy: Dear Paul: Man is in world every moment and not separate from it. If the world cannot change how can man change? The world changes every moment and so does man for he is part of the world, albeit illusory.

Prof P. de Blot: Thank you for your inspiring comment.



Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’

Mark Saunders, UK

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“Witnesser witnesses everything as illusory with clarity. Ego witnesses everything as real.”




Dr. Vijai S Shankar