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Comment: Article ‘Action’

Julian Capper, UK

Man lives a life that has the classic hallmarks of a dilemma: life's life and mind's life. The former is spontaneous, unpredictable and uncontrollable; the latter is an amalgam of thoughts, words and animal instinct. The former is alive; the latter is a fiction. Understanding this brings contentment; not understanding prolongs the misery of man's existence that is dominated by action, action and more action, illusory though it is. Life provides a beautiful resolution of this dilemma through the wisdom of Dr Shankar. 


Comment: Article ‘Word’

Julian Capper, UK

Man's dependency on what has evolved and sophisticated, and will continue to evolve and sophisticate, is illustrated in this article. He knows no better than to make word or words the pivot of his life and achievements. The understanding that life and all its expressions, however evolved or sophisticated, albeit illusory, just happens with perfection, has not yet happened to him.


Comment: Article ‘Future’

Julian Capper, UK

Unable to find certainty and contentment in the daily life, mind has become occupied with imagining and constructing an infrastructure for a life that does not exist, save in the mind. The detailed planning required to maintain this engages every man in a time-frame that has evolved and sophisticated from generation to generation, all illusory though. Thus, man has lost the moment in which he lives and has not the courage or the wisdom to watch life as it unfolds in its perfection. Has he the courage to listen to the words of the Wise as they reveal here, in Dr Shankar's article ‘Future’, the mystery of life. 


Comment: Article ‘Non-dualism’

Julian Capper, UK

This pithy article stands learned and scientific thinking on its head. Whilst the mind and words that seem to emanate from mind are thought by man to be real, there can be no understanding of non-dualism. When the known in all its expressions and manifestations is recognised to be illusory, then that which can never be known, non-duality, will be realised.


Comment: Article ‘Present’

Julian Capper, UK

What can be known with certainty is illusory; what is real can never be known: it is a mystery - hard as man may try to know it - life's mystery can never be known. Understand and be content.


Comment: Article ‘Present’

Julian Capper, UK

Man's illusory past has nothing to do with life. It is, as Dr Shankar's article so vividly reveals, the graveyard of information that has unlimited and unfulfilled potential, if understood to be illusory. It is the meeting-place of the dead, as the ancient myths about the Underworld so vividly describe. The wisdom of the sages, expressed through the gift of Dr Shankar, opens the door into life. When Orpheus looked back to secure his Eurydice from the Underworld, he lost his life! So it is with heedless man who takes the mind and what it says to be real.


Comment: Interview on Conscious TV

Julian Capper, UK

Dr Shankar’s interview with Conscious TV is a wonderful display of light and sound, so intelligent, so full of life and vigour, so entertaining. The duality of two men sitting, moving and talking on sofas is an intelligent expression of life declaring itself. It was beautiful – thank you, Vijai. Humanity is blessed to receive such a display of life.


Comment: Books and Articles

Randy Breuer, Netherlands

Dr Shankar's articles (or books) are at first like gardens stuck in between winter and spring; it looks dead, just earth, dirt and manure. But as we read them again and again it is as if the spring sets in; suddenly flowers appear and you never know when and where and how they will look. They may appear reluctantly but they are always immediately lovely and beautiful, evoking a desire of the heart to (take) care (for them). This is why Dr Shankar loves humanity: nobody has earned or deserved it to be served by him with such delight. How could we as we are basically our egoistic and violent mind. But the same mind is preventing us less and less to close in on life as we understand that the listening and reading is already the gift of life, which has started to unpack itself the moment it gifted itself to our heart.


Comment: Articles

Dori Steehouwer, Utrecht

The articles future, present and past are beauties! They shake away all conditioned concepts about past, present and future and leave you amazed with the miracle of life.


Comment: Article ‘Action’

Marcus Stegmaier, Stuttgart

Very precise and clearly shows that life is not what it seems to be: action-filled.
There are problems - but they are all in the mind! And problems are illusory, because the mind says "I did it by instinct". "Instinct" is a clever excuse of the mind to maintain the illusion of man as the doer.
Dr. Shankar's insight into life is deeper than the simple statement "Life is an illusion" - this article and all his other writings don‘t let the mind get away with its tricky excuses and rhetorical objections: To believe that man is an individual, separate from life and having free will leads - as is shown to the reader again and again - to all kinds of contradictions which are followed by new illusory explanations which are real to man; and one of these explanations is "instinct".

The question one may ask: How does Dr. Shankar know that the mind is superimposed upon life in sync but nevertheless a delay? The answer is simple: It is evident when man is attentive to life. But the ego is not alert and cannot be either, because it believes to be the doer and thinks that actions are real.
May the witness behind the ego begin to watch life as light (whose singular movement does not happen in time but creates the deception of time) and sound (appearing as the mind pretending to be the conductor of light). What a beautiful play!






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