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Comment: Satsang in Denekamp

Elisabeth, Netherlands

The satsang ‘MICRO IT IS’ in Denekamp is very enlightening and fascinating. I am now reading the ‘Illusions of Life’ with deeper understanding.

Response: Dr.Shankar

Deeper understanding happens slowly and steadily on reading, if you listen to the satsangs repeatedly.


FILM “Non-Duality – Life as it is” scheduled COMPLETION September 18th 2010


Director Floris Ramaekers discusses with Dr. Shankar the steps of the documentary “Non- Duality – Life as it is ‘. Advaita will be explained visually for the first time in history.


Floris and his international team are aiming to complete the film before the enquiry-weekend 17-19 September.


About the film:

Humans perceive their daily life in the world as a reality. This is due to the belief of cause and effect. This belief creates thoughts of actions, which convince man that his day is filled with events and situations. Conclusions about these make way for emotions, which include feelings, such as misery and the quest for happiness, that man experiences. This documentary, based on the books written by Dr. Vijai S. Shankar, crosses the boundaries of mind by stripping away beginnings and endings and the concept of time, thereby exposing the reality of doership as illusory. The documentary unveils time and reality for what they really are, which is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound.




Dr. Shankar is presently completing a book titled “Intelligence IS Life”








German translation


“Evolution of Mind”


18th September 2010


NEW INTERVIEW: Dr. Shankar with Marcus Stegmaier


In the serie “SINGLE QUESTION”


"Dr. Shankar, what is a clear understanding of Non-duality, and what does only appear as a clear understanding but it isn't?"


See vol 1



LETTERS:  Dr. Shankar’s Oeuvre

Paul Dekker, Maastricht

Illusory words are a doorway to the absolute understanding of the wordless life. Each word spoken through Doctor Vijai S Shankar is precise, accurate, and perfectly timed so that it opens the door for mankind to the absolute understanding of life. But there is more to it, for maybe even more then the spoken words are Doctor Shankar’s unspoken words of importance, so that, for the good listener the ‘retained’ word will even speak louder of that what is wordless and soundless. When it has been understood that each word is illusory, then life that is silence remains. Man then is free to enjoy each uttered word from the other or himself, for he has understood life is silence and mind  is sound. Missing one spoken ore unspoken word from Doctor Vijai S Shankar is missing an opportunity to understand life of which can not be spoken. Listening to that what life shares trough Doctor Vijai S Shankar points to the soundless sound of silence.Listen, listen, listen till each word is understood to be illusory, even the word listening, listener, and listened, ánd even the word speaker. One who listens to Doctor Vijai S Shankar listens to life, and if life is not-two and it is so, who then is speaking and who is listening, for speaker and listener are one. Doctor Vijai S Shankar’s oeuvre is life’s oeuvre shared with mankind, to enable man to understand the world to be illusory and the real to be the thoughtless and the timeless ‘Now’. 


Response: Interview 14th July on NNH: Anaology of Rope and Snake illusion


Thanks to Dr. Shankar, I think I finally understand this analogy. I used to think that if the rope was perceived as a snake by the individual, he or she would suffer the consequences and fear associated with that reality as an actual reality, meaning that how we perceive things actually determine the Reality of things. I now see that there are no actions in life, so even if the fear and all the consequences associated with seeing the rope as a snake are felt, while nothing has actually happened. It is all played out in the mind as benign or not.



Response: Interview 5th August on NNH:

Anna, USA

Thank you Richard for this new interview with Dr.Shankar!

It is always such a joy and fun to me listening to his words. He is so sharp and clear and everything he says is so obvious to me. How can we believe that anybody is doing, thinking etc., in life! If we carefully observe what is happening all the time we only see that it is a delay in the mind. When we become aware of something, it has already happened. All we can do is watch the movement and flow of life each moment. I like Dr.Shankar’s explanation of non-duality. He has also such a humor and loving engagement and care. Thank you Dr.Shankar for your generosity in giving this interview.





Nicolas, Freiburg, Germany

It is the deepest blessing to listen to Dr. Shankar.

Thank you so much!


Questions responded to Amati by AAU:

Amati, India
Amati: If the illusory can be enjoyed, but not as a reality...thus the world is free of a "reality" and life happens beautifully.....without a "reality"?.

AAU: The beauty of life is, that it is a flow of light and sound in a moment that is eternal projecting optical and auditory illusions that appear real to man who is illusory too.

Amati: Thanks to it that there is no reality...this world, this body, can take a break. Try without sleeping for 2 days.

AAU: Without sleeping for two days happens too, if at all it happens. All that actually happens is a illusory singular movement of light and sound that man thinks he can bring it about and has brought it about. Even the thinking happens in the singular movement of light and sound.


Amati: Imagine even if they had an ounce of reality. Would they be able to take this deep sleep? And would they able to continue so freely once waking up has taken place?

AAU: Life if it had even an ounce of reality it would never happen. Real means it does not change is eternal and everywhere. Relative or absolute real, if it were real, would not change, would be eternal and everywhere.

Amati: If someone loses his loved ones...and imagine that it is "reality" or worse... that there is a reality different to it?

AAU: Does man really know what love is, to call ‘his loved ones?’ Could love be known? Love to man is merely expectations. Expectation is taken to be love and that is not love. Love is life and neither could be known, but only could be lived.

Amati: Reality hinders movement, like the stagnated water in our city drains, it will stink up life.
Movement would not be possible if the movement were real. The stagnated water in your city drains is illusory and not real. The same, which makes up the stagnated water, makes up clear water too. Rope, which appears like a snake is not rope to begin with, but yet appears as a snake. That which makes up the rope makes the stagnated and clear water and everything else too.

Amati: there is no such thing as @#$%^ reality.

AAU: There is no such thing as@#$%^ reality’ as real, the @#$%^ reality is illusory too.

Amati: Life does not stop in deep sleep. Otherwise man wouldn’t wake up and pose this question/ or non-dual view

AAU: Life never stops, it is beginingless and endless. Man is an optical illusion of life that is beginingless and endless and this optical illusion, and so too others, will fade away one moment and be replaced by more evolved and sophisticated optical and auditory illusions.


Amati: There would be no question(ing) of the sort above ,after sleep has "happened"

AAU: Questions will be explained that would reveal wisdom, it will continue to be as long as the optical and auditory illusion of a wise man is reflected by life.


Amati: Man, world etc., might disappear( to the man in deep sleep) but Life goes on without any movement towards reality.. or being bothered by "reality" there is none.

AAU: Life in deep sleep need not go anywhere, least of all towards reality, for there is no need too as it is real.


Amati: Life goes on in deep sleep ..."free" of reality.
: Life goes on in deep sleep AS reality which can never be known.

Amati: However what we generally "do"? is, think and make up /fabricate a "yonder" a "reality".

AAU: ‘we’ is the ego that fabricates a ‘yonder’ reality to get to while it can never get to it, for reality can never known.


Amati: That it is the unknowable, light, bindu, nada?(hello wisdom, how are you?) so on and so forth.

AAU: Light is all there is, life has made man know through science that information is light. Knowledge is so on and so forth.

Amati: And don’t you see/agree/realise? that there is no such thing as reality.

AAU: Reality can never be known.

Amati: Can we put it in another way. The "I " understands that it is not real (some "I"’s do.(lighter vein)). However it ensures its continuation by cooking up a "yonder", "reality", the unknowable.

AAU: If the cooking up denotes time, cause and effect as real, and man as the doer, thinker and speaker as real and a ‘yonder’ reality could be reached, then it surely would be ‘I’, and this too is reflected by life to maintain the illusory world as real.

Amati: Life and Sophistication? and please elicit what do you understand by "LIFE"?

AAU: Life is pure light. Pure light reflects as the world, man and mind which makes up the mental life or drama.


Amati: All sophistication is by "I".

AAU: “I” and all is a sophistication of light and sound.


Amati: The search for reality is one such sophistication. Taking it to the end (knowable) and showing the unknowable is one such sophistication- survival, for self continuation.
The known is the unknowable. Survival is the illusory manifestation of sophistication.

Amati: There is no such thing as reality.

AAU: There is no such thing as reality that could be known.




 Names and Text edited to maintain anonymity between Y = Profound seeker and X =Proclaimed awakened.


Y writes

Dear X,

Have watched your videos. Meeting Ramesh Balsekar seems not to have transformed your life to any degree. It is clear that your understanding of life is not complete as yet which is obvious after reading the books and listening to the CD’s available in the Academy of Absolute understanding. That man is the doer is totally absent in the enlightened, because an understanding has happened to them in intelligence that the world, man and mind are illusory. They realise that thoughts are an auditory illusion of sound and do not indicate reality based on cause and effect. This ushers in clarity. An understanding in intellect is just knowledge. The sense of doership is not a necessity for survival, for life is a flow regardless. Young children do not have a sense of doership and yet they survive. Enlightened beings realise that man is not the doer and they survive too.

Here is link about this topic: Click on the article “Happening vs Doing?“.

Please write me, if you have read it, and tell me your understanding of it.

Love, Y

PS: I am available for meeting also on Skype)


X writes:

My dearest,

You are that which I call a typical advaita-idiot. Enlightenment does not interest me at all.

Best regards, X


Y writes:

Dear X,

Thanks for your direct reply. What is it, which you are interested in? I seem to have misunderstood. Ramesh Balsekar has spoken about enlightenment and you refer to him.

Love, Y


X writes:

Don‘t be angry about me, I don‘t have the least interest in further communication with you. If you are interested in “my teaching“, read my books. These books is what I have to say and not more anyway. I do not discuss.

Regards, X


Y writes:

Dear X,

Life manifests an incomplete understanding of life to maintain the illusion as real to the ego. This is happening through you and there is no point in being angry about that.

Would you like to talk with me and record it for publishing? This would be your opportunity to answer my concrete questions about your books. Furthermore you could show the audience from your point of view why I am an “advaita-idiot“. If this were true, it should be easy for you to communicate it for everybody in a clear way. This would be a contribution to more clarity in the “spiritual world“ and an opportunity for you to sell your books, if they bear up against an intelligent inquiry. On the other hand the texts that made me understand could be checked out diligently. Then the audience could decide about the value, illusory such a decision may be.

Love, Y


X writes:

No comment, also about any further mail. If you keep annoying me, I‘ll block your mails.

Regards, X


Y writes:

Dear X,

This is not annoyance, but the ego considers it to be. It is a revelation that the world is indeed an illusion and not real. This is a clear understanding of Advaita. The sense of doership disappears totally. Life conditions the human mind as a part of the evolutionary process of illusion. Life de-conditions the human mind as a part of the evolutionary process of illusion. I am available for you, as soon as you are interested in a complete understanding of life, if it happens to you.

Love, Y


X writes:

Blah balh blah

Best regards, X


Y writes:

A last question to you, X.

Dear Mr X,

Please answer in your next video, whether Mr Ramesh Balsekar, who has ended your spiritual search as written on your website, is a typical Advaita-idiot too. Thanks.



X writes:

A last answer for you, dear Y

Link to article written by Mr X published on his website. (The article is written for all critics of Mr X‘s teachings. Summary: The critics suffer a kind of Mother Theresa Syndrome because of lack of attention.)

Best regards, X


Y writes:

Dear X,

What is it which gets taught through Mr X? Is it non-duality or advaita? Y is certain with clarity that a false understanding of advaita in the media prevents a true understanding of advaita in the public such as it is, for example, presented through The Academy of Absolute Understanding. Y is available, as in the past, politely and factual in style, to enquire together, what advaita or non-duality really is. This would be the opportunity for the audience to attain clarity. Whether or not this is helpful for X, Y or anybody else will be decided by life like everything else too, albeit illusory.

Love, Y


X writes:

You make it hard for yourself, dear Y! Don‘t you recognize that I don‘t have the slightest interest in enquiring? 40 years I have enquired, but after the disappearance of the questioner, the questions also disappeared. Now it is my function to answer. Nothing else is my duty and availability. That you have questions and you would like to debate them with me, if possible also on TV, now, this I have understood as yet. And the motivation behind that I also guess to know...But in me there is not the slightest resonance. Therefore: Forget it! And finally, dear Y: Whether I am polite or not isn‘t my criteria (any more) I only know: God does all, not I.

Best regards, X


Y writes:

Dear X,

Life makes it hard for you! Life makes you write books, but when questions arise, they don‘t get answered but shot down. Is there cause and effect in life? What is an action? Are actions real? Now, answer, that‘s your availability.

Love, Y


X writes:

No, dear Y, I am not available for “your“ questions for I feel your spirit, words are totally subordinate for me. You are not a seeker but a man with demands, and you pose your questions with the intention to indoctrinate me. There are many true seekers with a broken spirit which come to me and I don‘t have time and zest to play your game with you. More than necessary I have dealt with you now, therefore please, let us end it once and forever. On my part at least, this was definitely the last time, you may write as often as you want.

Best regards, X


Y writes:

Dear X,

You said in your video that in the beginning you had an aversion against Ramesh‘s radicality. The revelations found in the Academy of Absolute Understanding about life and mind are far more radical than Ramesh‘s! Cause and effect are illusory for actions and individuals are just thoughts in the mind. Thoughts are sound and not words in life. Therefore intentions are illusory. The conclusion that I am a “man of demands“ is therefore illusory. The sense of doership is absent in the truly enlightened. Life conditions the mind as part of the evolutionary process of life and doesn‘t ask for permission. Life de-conditions the mind as part of the evolutionary process of life and doesn‘t ask for permission.

Love, Y












Life reflects the world every moment.

The reflection appears real in time.

This is the miracle.


Dr. Vijai S Shankar