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COMMENT: On seeing DVD “Non-Duality – Life as it is” rough-cut

Michael Jeffreys, USA

On 10/24/10 here in Los Angeles, Dr. Shankar played for us a brand new, not released yet to the public, 30 minute video presentation of his called, "Non-Duality: Life as it is." When it finished, do you want to know everyone's reaction? There was none. The room was uniformly dead silent. Nothing. I couldn't hear anyone even breathing. We just sat like this for 5 mins. in stunned silence.

My experience from watching the video was an instantaneous deeping/understanding that I am not the thinker, doer or speaker... Life is. It's one thing to say this, it's another to know it. The difference can't be really explained in words, but you know it when it happens. Check in to Dr. Shankar's website to see when the dvd will be made available, hopefully soon as there are a lot of people who will benefit from seeing this:


Comment: My thoughts on Dr.Shankar

Michael Jeffreys, USA

While I previously posted my thoughts on seeing the rough-cut of Dr. Shankar's not yet released DVD: "Non-Duality: Life as it Is," with this post I want to share a little bit about my impressions of Dr. Shankar himself. In October of 2010 I attended two of his satsangs at Maha Yoga in Brentwood, CA.

In a word, the man is extraordinary. When sitting in his presence, there is no doubt you are sitting with a fully Awakened Sage. The depth of his understanding of LIFE is second to none. Clearly, life has gifted Dr. Shankar with a superior intellect for he not only (seemingly) effortlessly provides answers to questions I didn't think could be answered, but he often raises questions I had never even thought to ask! It is apparent that Dr. Shankar's great curiosity has lead him to dig much deeper into the question, "What is Life?" than most other Homo-Sapiens.

What's more, his natural charisma along with his command of the English language, the words he chooses and his vocal inflections all come together to make for a mesmerizing presentation. One moment he is speaking with such authority and power, that there can be no doubt to the truth he is pointing to. And the next moment, with a slight tilt of the head, a warm smile, and a little hand gesture he asks the audience ever so sweetly, "Is it clear?" or "Understand?" or "Is it not so?"

And after the audience responds in the affirmative (Although to be honest, I am not sure every time we nodded yes, we fully understood his point... which is understandable, because if we already fully understood his points, he would have nothing to teach us!), he replies gently, "Very good." Of course, questions are welcomed by Dr. Shankar, but I preferred just to listen intently, as usually if a question popped into my head, eventually he would say something that would provide the clue/answer for which my mind was searching.

And as wonderful of a speaker as Dr. Shankar's is (and I have some knowledge in this area as I wrote the book, "Success Secrets of the Motivational Superstars" which contains interviews with 15 super-successful speakers including Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, etc.), it's the depth and profundity of his insights into Life that truly set him apart from other spiritual teachers.

For example, while many teachers say that "You are not the doer," when Dr. Shankar explains it, you really, deeply, like never before, understand that there is no way you could be the thinker, speaker or doer! Says Dr. Shankar, "You did not bring your birth about, nor do you control when you will die, yet somehow you believe you control the events in-between!" And then, with a sweet smile, he loving adds with admiration in his voice, "That is the magnificence and intelligence of LIFE!"

But please, do not take my word for it. If life should ever bring about the opportunity for you to see him speak, do not think twice. Go there, and find out for yourself. All that I suggest is you go with an open heart and mind (I can already hear Dr. Shankar's voice saying, "That too is not under your control!)... if you do, you will not be disappointed.





COMMENT: Satsang ‘Done-To be done’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Just because the mind tells you something about the actions, that is why you are convinced that there is an action in life and that you are the doer. The mind is telling you what you have done and what is left to be done. It has no relation to life. I have read the satsang over and over again and was very alert to address the question. Our relation in totality projects whatever you are going to do, you are just being related to everything.

It is such precise relationship it convinces you that there is an action, that you are the doer. Life knows how to take care of itself, life is safe in life’s hands. And trust is the phenomenon to happen to you in your life and you can live it when you understand the questions you address. What is my relation to life?




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How could I be sure that I am not a butterfly, dreaming that I am a man?

I am sure you like to hear the explanation from Dr. Vijai Shankar. Listen to CD “NONE”!!


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“Life is optical illusions of something happening and auditory illusions of something happened.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar