Saturday 22nd January for the first time the realization of the enlightened beings, that life is timeless and thoughtless and man is not the doer, speaker and thinker will be presented through a film, by the Academy of Absolute Understanding


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Book launch KG1 Dutch and German




Kaivalya Gita vol.1 - Absolute understanding


The mind presents man’s life cycle. A life cycle that no man is free from, be it the rich or the poor the learned or the ignorant. Every man has, in his or her life, loneliness, relationship, love, marriage, arguments, anger and pain. He longs for harmony and every form of escape or adventure from these, through use of free will the mind still presents the same. Freedom is gifted if the illusory nature of the mind that presents this life cycle is fully understood. This understanding is available in the book by Dr. Vijai S Shankar ‘Kaivalya Gita vol. 1’






Very soon a new interview will be shown on the website. An Interview from Dr. Vijai S Shankar with Marcus Stegmaier in the series ‘Single Questions’ about death titled:


“What does it mean to live the deathless Life and how is it possible to live it?”





New DVD’s “Aging” and “Precious Body”


About the CD or DVDAging’

Does man really know about Life?
Does man really know what has happened in Life?

Does man really know what would happen in Life?

Does man really know what is happening in Life?

Can you see the past? Can you see the future?

What is pure seeing?

Everything is included in the aging-proces. How?

And much more.


Listen this beautifull CD/DVD “Aging”!! 






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About the CD or DVD ‘Precious Body’;

There is only an aging-proces (= transformation-proces)

The mind is growing young. The body is growing old.

Can God stop aging?

What does it mean that the mind is concerned about the body?

Can the mind see the body getting old?

How can your mind tell you what to do in Life, when itself is not in Life?

And much more.


Beautifull explained in CD and DVD Precious Body




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Comment: Interview Radio 11: 11, USA
We`ve been invited by Marcus to listen to more of wisdom words spoken by Dr.Shankar and of course I would never miss this opportunity, so I experienced 57 more minutes of jolly good time, feeling grateful and stimulated. I am not the doer, speaker or thinker: Why not?
The answer becomes obvious after carfully observing our own mind and body.How, when and why does the body move? How do thoughts arise? What is growth? Can we make it happen? Everything is constantly changing: Do we have any control on these changings? Can we ever stop them? Everything changes and evolves by its own, ourselves included. Time-space cannot be defined because they aren`t to be found anywhere in Life. The singular movement of Life is in no time-space and cannot be measured - just lived. But this aliveness can never be caught by the mind, being the mind always a step behind in Life. Consciousness is illusory too: It is the first illusion of light, of pure Awareness. Yet - it is all we`ve got, so we`d better use it to witness and watch the enfolding of the flow of Life (I like the word Drama), trying not getting distracted by our mind.

That reminds me of an exhortation that I`ve read somewhere: Don`t meditate, don`t get distracted! Thank you Dr,Shankar and Marcus!


Comment: Movie ‘Non-Duality. Life as it is’
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
The movie 'Non-Duality. Life as it is will surely open man's eyes. The explanations about what an action, time and space could be are visually shown. So, it is easy to understand the profound yet simple message that actions are illusory and not real. 

Comment: Radio interview: Dr. Vijai Shankar with Brian Flournoy, USA
Anna, Slovania
Very inspiring and also useful reminders. Thank you Marcus!


Response to Maurizio organizer Science and Non-Duality conference, USA
Rebecca Perry, USA
Regarding your request for suggestions for speakers I would love to hear Dr. Vijai Shankar at the coming conference.  I have ordered all but 1 of the Nisargadatta dvd's that you offer and immersed myself in them fully.  I have read every published author that has spoken at your conference but always came back to Nisargadatta and most of them seem to have drank from that well too.
Every adventure into non-duality has just happened to me including the words of Dr. Shankar.  Although I hesitate to compare, for conversation sake I will state that I find him to be almost where Nisargadatta left off at his passing.  Dr. Shankar, for me, has deepened even what Nisargadatta spoke about in that he unveils the nature of the illusion in such a manner that is readily accessible if you are ripe and ready yourself.  Dr. Shankar's words that Life is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound ripped into me with an fierceness that is most profound.  On his most recent visit to Houston, Texas, he previewed to a small group a draft copy of a dvd that will soon be available where this is explained in great depth in the form of a narrated movie, not a talk.  To hear that illusory does not mean that it does not exist but rather does not exist as the mind tells us is explained very well in this soon to be released dvd.
My observation of the non-duality teachings that are available is that there is something for everyone and in the manifestation it appears that we can be at different depths of understanding.  I found myself inspired but not "moving deeper" with the beautiful, ethereal non-dual teachings I was eagerly reading.  My own particular journey has been absolutely a shocking joy to recount.  It truly has been a journey in that it began 40 years ago with an interest in metaphysics to no interest at all.  That was replaced with the more mature message of non-duality.  Mark West and Sailor Bob sat at the feet of Nisargadatta.  I missed that time period but as grace would have it I have been able to "sit at the feet" of Dr. Shankar.  As you know, this is done as an act of love and devotion and not dependence.
If Life presents you with the presence of an awakened being and calls you to listen and it changes your existence then you naturally want to share.  Therefore, my request to have Dr. Shankar speak at the conference is a desire to share what has so profoundly changed my own life as well as the lives of other friends of Dr. Shankar that I have encountered.  The illusion is here to be admired and enjoyed and that can only be done when you understand what it means that it is illusory and that is what I "got"  from Dr. Shankar and the understanding continues to blossom and deepen.

Comment on quote: “An open mind is impossible because the mind is closed, This understanding is the opening into life"
Brenda Dickinson, USA

Really! R U Sure The Mind Is Closed! My Mind Is Set On Christ! He Is Doing a Mighty Work Each day in My Mind. Not Only In My Mind. But Other's. He Bring's My Way.

Response Dr. Shankar:

The mind is the illusory past and future, and never the real 'Here and Now' which Christ is, and the mind is not

Comment: Upon reading articles by Marcus Stegmaier
Rebecca Perry, USA
I enjoyed reading all your articles at the Submitted Articles tab. They deepened what I "get" when I read Dr.Shankar. I have also watched the 3 interviews you did together and I hear something new each time I listen. What I love so much is that reading and re-reading keeps it so fresh.









“”Life never sleeps or dies,

Sleep and death is Life”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar