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Kaivalya Gita vol.1 - Absolute understanding


The mind presents man’s life cycle. A life cycle that no man is free from, be it the rich or the poor the learned or the ignorant. Every man has, in his or her life, loneliness, relationship, love, marriage, arguments, anger and pain. He longs for harmony and every form of escape or adventure from these, through use of free will the mind still presents the same. Freedom is gifted if the illusory nature of the mind that presents this life cycle is fully understood. This understanding is available in the book by Dr. Vijai S Shankar ‘Kaivalya Gita vol. 1’


Comment; "How could life that is meant to happen be avoided." Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Rebecca Perry, USA

Once this is realized a relaxation begins to take place with more frequency as well as less and less interpreting. No need to run from or run to what is happening - then you no longer need to be so important. As long as you need to be "heard" you will give your interpretation not realizing each has his own so why would yours matter - that is unless wisdom speaks as you as it does in the form of Dr. Shankar. Just watching me be relaxed, then tense, then relaxed - whatever is showing up I do not and cannot control. I find that liberating rather than a loss.


Comment: On www.acadun.com

Kelly Sparks, Arizona, USA

The first time I heard Dr. Shankar was on the internet interview he had with Conscious.tv Just now I watched and listened to the interview with Richard Miller. I am getting ready to watch another part of that weekend retreat.

I would like to be with Dr. Shankar in person to listen and be in Presence with him. Could you please tell me what his speaking schedule is or where I can come and visit with others who enjoy being with him. Thank you for all of the programs you have on the internet. With gratitude,



There are new interviews on the website. An Interview from Dr. Vijai S Shankar with Marcus Stegmaier in the series ‘Single Questions’ titled:


“What does it mean to live the deathless Life and how is it possible to live it?”


“Why is it so damn hard to live life as it is, instead of thinking life?”

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Comment: Interview ‘Single Question 5’ Dr. Shankar with Marcus Stegmaier.

Rebecca Perry, USA

This is fantastic - so succinct, clear and so devastating if you think you are the doer. How refreshing after reading all the best and brightest of the spiritual movement that began in the early 1900's and continues to date. Watching life, allowing the moment to decide what response is appropriate rather than reacting from old, stale information stored in the mind with its ego judgments, criticism and need to be right so I can "help" what needs no help is true liberation. The clarification that it is the illusory that needs to be understood rather than searching for reality is a breath of fresh air for me. Dr. Shankar is also great reading - taking the ancient wisdom and re-presenting it to modern man in an easily accessible form is also refreshing. The demands of modern living don't leave everyone with a lot of time to try to understand the ancient wisdom and what the enlightened being of that particular moment was expressing. If it took 40 years for this wisdom to come my way, so be it. It was the best 40 years of my life simply because it could not have been otherwise. What freedom, what joy, to watch and listen to Dr. Shankar for the enjoyment rather than the answer. "I" can't get to reality but I can understand the illusory with the assistance of someone else who understood it before me and now shares it with all who are interested. Our day-to-day lives are all we have so why run away from it in search of reality which you simply can never be out of? The only "work" to be done is understanding the illusory and I promise you when you start doing that you will be amazed.


Comment: Interview ‘Single Question 4’ Dr. Shankar with Marcus Stegmaier.
Anna. Slovania.
The words spoken by Dr.Shankar are not only words of wisdom. They also pave the way for a mystical contemplation of Life. The words are simple and yet awfully profound. Everybody knows what the word "moment" means, yet nobody understands what time exists in a moment. We cannot know the cut off point within one moment and the next moment. A moment is eternal, beginingless and endless, always ahead of the mind, which is a play of sound transformed into words. Words only depict reality through labeling, so labels become reality to us. Since our mind cannot pinpoint the beginning and the end of a moment, it can never understand reality, which is a process of endless and timeless transformation including death. True understanding of the process can only happen through contemplation. Thank you Dr.Shankar and Marcus for this important and enjoyable vol.4 interview!


Comment: Interview ‘Single Question 5’ Dr. Shankar with Marcus Stegmaier.

Anna, Slovania

It is not difficult to live Life, it is difficult to live the mind, says Dr.Shankar in this interview nr.5. There is no need to live Life, since Life is lived for man. Life happens every moment precisely as it is meant to be, while the mind is judging all the time, wanting something else.

The insight I get after these words is of course that even the judging mind is meant to happen to us precisely as it does. And when this is entirely digested the agitated mind quietens. Yet I understand the question also quite well, since after a while the mind is back again with all the difficulties to live Life and the "wisdom" is gone. Anyhow, the more we come into the state of watching the play, the easier it gets to live Life and be in harmony with It. Thank you Dr.Shankar and Marcus for your time and for this interview!







New DVD’s “Who is man”, “Thinking” and “Labels”


About the CD or DVDWho is man’


When man looks at nature does he get f.i. upset or worried?

When man looks at animals does he become f.i. frustrated or stressed?

When man looks at man why does he become upset, stressed, frustrated, anxious, angry, jealous, etc.?


And much more.


Listen this beautifull CD/DVD “Who is man”!! 








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About the CD or DVD ‘Thinking’;


“Thinking is dreaming in the waking state.

Dreaming is thinking in the sleeping state.”


Reaction means you are not in control of your thinking process.


Can you control your thinking process?


Then you have to listen!





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About the CDLabels’



“Labels limit a limitless life”







Listen to the CD “LABELS”




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Comment: CD ‘Singular flow 1’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

In ‘Singular Flow (1)’ you clarify that birth, death and individual all do not exist, that an illusory individual takes birth and dies. That birth and death are words which are applicable to the mind and not to life. And you will let us all know one day the amount of difficulty for man to understand simple words, what man has to go through.

Comment: CD ‘Singular flow 2’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

In ‘Singular Flow (2)’ your clarification of the precision of life in our journey is awesome in the example of the father and the son, and it is understood that precise means you are meant to be where you are meant to be, thoughts which are meant to come to  you, they will come to  you. That life is very intelligent and very deceptive. Thank you, Guruji.

Comment: CD ‘Evolved Mind’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

In ‘Evolved Mind’ it is understood that man will take the next jump to become Life. That Life after so many millennia has deemed that man may understand the illusory world it has manifested.  That Life conducts itself including the mind, mind does not conduct Life.

Comment: CD ‘Birth of Maya 2’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Yes, it is quite a mind to take humanity through. In ‘Birth of Maya (1)’ you mention that life has to explode in very extremes to convince man. While there is an opportunity for us all to be eternal, we think we need the body to be alive. That the shift is from the mind into consciousness.

Comment: CD ‘Birth of Maya 2’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

In ‘Birth of Maya (2)’ it is amazing to realize that life has started explaining the real world to be illusory, that there is no escape if the mind is in life.That life came as man, gave him a mind, put an illusory world in his mind, that life had to convince the mind that the mind is real, the world is real and that man is a doer, for a singular purpose, for man to realize who he really is. That ‘I’ cannot do.

Comment: CD ‘Life and Mind’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

As you mention in ‘Life and Mind’, it is so difficult for man to believe that life does not require the mind to run it. That there is nothing external which gives rise to our feelings if we are alert to the singular movement, life simply passing by. It is quite a satsang you take us through. Thank you

Comment: CD ‘Not Alert’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Thank you so much for the satsang ‘Not Alert’. That there is no escape if the mind is in life. That man is not alert the moment he finds causes outside.

Comment: CD ‘Cemented Conviction’

Elisabeth, Netherland.

In every CD I diligently follow the question and that is very fulfilling. In ‘Cemented Conviction’ the understanding is very clear that man is convinced that the feelings he has in the mind is happening in life, the belief that mind represents Life.

Comment: CD ‘Evolution (1)

Elisabeth, Netherlands

In ‘Evolution (1)’ it feels like a shift has been made in understanding the mind where you clarify that choice happens to you. It is only a choice which points towards what is happening in life, through taste, vision, touch, sound and word. It really has made a big impact on me to just watch and observe choice happening and treasure the moment.











"Knowledge strengthens the ego. Wisdom dissolves the ego."


Dr. Vijai S Shankar