Prof. Paul de Blot invited Dr. Shankar to University Nyenrode on 28th February









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Dr. Vijai S Shankar gave a wonderful talk on 28th February in Nyenrode University. Business and Spirituality. He was invited by Prof Paul de Blot.

Dr. Shankar brought Business and spirituality together.
Quotes from talk. “Be open to the adventures of life. Business happens as it is meant to”.

“Business happens every moment. Life is timeless. It flows in an eternal moment

“ Live Life. Not think life. Visit


24 to 26th February.
The Academy of Absolute Understanding represented at the Texas Yoga Conference on Feb 24-25-26.  Visitors showed keen interest in Dr. Shankar's books, CD's and articles. All loved the message " Live Life Forget The Past" 

Seeds were surely sown that will uncontrollably, unpredictably and spontaneously grow into more friends of the AAU family. 

Description: NEWS: Dr. Shankar’s interview on SKY-TV
Sky-TV channel No 275 called ‘Body Balance’ is broadcasting Conscious-TV programs every day between 9.00pm and 10.00pm. Dr Shankar’s interview was broadcasted on Wed 16
th February.


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Kaivalya Gita vol.1 - Absolute understanding


The mind presents man’s life cycle. A life cycle that no man is free from, be it the rich or the poor the learned or the ignorant. Every man has, in his or her life, loneliness, relationship, love, marriage, arguments, anger and pain. He longs for harmony and every form of escape or adventure from these, through use of free will the mind still presents the same. Freedom is gifted if the illusory nature of the mind that presents this life cycle is fully understood. This understanding is available in the book by Dr. Vijai S Shankar ‘Kaivalya Gita vol. 1’


Comment: Kaivalya Gita 3
Rebecca Perry, USA
The chapters in Kaivalya Gita Vol. 3 are: Lacking; Choosing; Expectations; Opinions; Conclusions; Explanations; Controversies; Worries; Nothing Wrong; Understanding.
If you continue to hold the view that you are responsible for how your life turns out then perhaps Dr. Shankar will not appeal to you. Personally, I found it very intriguing that I might not be responsible and so I found myself on the greatest journey in my life to date as I was drawn to explore what that could mean.
Upon reading Vol. 3 it became clear that I could not possibly be lacking in anything since what I needed was always given. Was it always what I wanted? I used to think not but began to understand that what I "think" I want is based on conclusions, opinions, worries about what I should want but might not get. It also became clear, and what a relief that was, that all those explanations did was to create more expectations and generate yet more controversies over why I am not successful if I am the doer.
And don't get me started on choosing - choices are thought-based and I do not choose my thoughts. They just appear unbidden and leave the same way. This did not occur to me before Dr. Shankar made an unexpected appearance into my life. Explaining to myself and others why I want what I want or did what I did is exhausting and to discover that "I" wasn't speaking it, thinking it or doing it freed me to watch with great interest what was appearing. So far, 8 volumes of Kaivalya Gita are available and if you are interested in loosening the binging’s of your erroneous ideas about the illusory then pick up one or more and you will be amazed.
I better understand that Life is for living-not regretting, dreading or fearing. No matter what shows up it cannot be otherwise, that right or wrong are labels and life simply cannot be labeled. If I was the doer would it not be only what I chose? If I was the speaker why would I say things I regret? If I was the thinker would not my thoughts be only happy ones?
These are only words - I, me, myself, my life, etc. but after reading Evolution of Mind in addition to KG volumes, I understood better how illusory words, actions, thoughts, events came to appear to be and that set me free to express myself for the joy of expressing, not for any self-importance. We just do not give much credence to what a mystery it is that we are here at all. When you read or hear Dr. Shankar you will more than likely find yourself no longer taking it all for granted but appreciating and admiring it - no matter what is appearing to happen.

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Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’
Jürgen Meizner, Germany

In December 2010 I have ordered the book "Evolution of Mind" (german version), and I have been reading it more than once. Now I am grateful to "life" and to Dr. Shankar, that this kind of knowledge has come to me.
All "spiritual" scriptures which I have been reading so far have brought me a little bit forward in evolution but there has always been left an empty space in the background.
As life brought "Evolution of Mind" to me, it came to my memory why I had to go a certain path in "my" life. Without cause and effect life flows as a singular movement. This is the explanation that nothing could be explained.
Probably it fits more for my mind to mix into the "spiritual" explanations some scientific explanations. After decades of work in the printing industry where I have learned that colors are in fact non-existent but just a light-phenomenon based on different wave-lengths, it was easy for me to understand Dr. Shankar's explanations.
In 2006 the book "Wu wei - the taoist art of living" was gifted to me. Now I understand better what is meant by not to do anything but to let things happen!

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NEW article: Beyond the mind

“Spiritual Destination”

Boundaries do not exist for a young child or a sage. There is no beyond.

However, as the child grows and evolves, the idea of ‘my’ and ‘mine’ enters the young person’s mind. Gradually, his or her separate world is established. In this world, wants and desires…… read further


Comment: Article ‘Beyond the Mind’
Rebecca Perry, USA
Once again, everything I read or listen to that Dr. Shankar disseminates for our deeper understanding of our existence resonates with me in such a relaxing and joyful manner. So many teachers inform us that there is only Oneness, only Being, that nothing is happening and something deep inside you knows that is true but you can't seem to make use of it in your daily life. That always caused me to attempt to run away from my daily life because I had such an open heart as long as I was reading or listening to these revered teachers. I do feel a deep gratitude towards all those that have touched my life.
However, the body of work presented thus far by Dr. Shankar has loosened the grip of the need to turn away from life as something to be dreaded or feared. Now I understand better that it is the only place I have to even come close to understanding my true identity.
I urge all who have been reading and searching and feeling that combination of love and frustration to go to the website and partake of what is there. There are still the appearances of difficult situations in my life but I now comprehend their illusory nature, that they are happening to me, that I am not bringing them about, that they will resolve in an intelligent way since there are no actual actions taking place. What a spectacle!!
True freedom lies in understanding what it means that what appears is illusory and I have come across no one else in 40 years who currently explains that in a easily accessible manner. Understanding what the illusory is frees you to enjoy it and embrace it since you cannot get out of it no matter how hard you try. There is great joy in understanding that you do not need to and you will no longer want to. Rather, you will embrace witnessing the mystery, the miracle unfolding before your eyes. Leave off the judgment, the interpretation and just watch the intelligence of life as it flows in a singular movement.
There is no work for you to do and yet whatever needs to be done will be. Look back over your life and be honest with yourself that it was happening to you. Once that was understood, a weight was lifted and I knew that life was unfolding perfectly, although illusory. It was only my judgment that it wasn't because I did not like what was happening.
Go deeply into Dr. Shankar's writings and the bonds will be loosened without any effort on your part. The understanding that is shared with us by him does the work. Everything in life is given to us and for me I say how fabulous that life gave us Dr. Shankar.





Comment: CD ‘Evolution (4)’
Elisabeth, Netherlands
You have ignited the fire of pondering in EVOLUTION (4) where you take us deep into life with the question, ‘to which polarity of energy did light happen first?’ It was a woman first who made man also to walk in darkness. That through color life impregnated into man in future generations a distance, speed and time. Observe your life, it will reflect back to that first man who walked this earth, we are not separate from him. Man has not questioned, he has questions. An understanding becomes an answer which cannot be questioned. You also mention that you can never reason someone out of something into which he has not reasoned himself into. There is so much understanding in just one CD.

Comment: CD ‘Opinions (1)
Elisabeth, Netherlands
In ‘OPINIONS (1)’ you make us aware that man is either fine or not fine, that once we get attached to our opinion we even take so much pride in it. And opinion will come into our minds because we are related every moment. But just imagine if you do not form an opinion of anything. The moment you understand that life happens, trust will happen to you.

Comment: CD ‘Opinions (2)
Elisabeth, Netherlands
In ‘OPINIONS (2) and in the beautiful last chapter of KG1 ‘Life’ you share that nothing happens to man except an aging process, and the aging process is so deceptive, it gives man an illusory world of job, procreation, whatsoever. Man forms an opinion about it. The opinions  happen to man so that he may understand an aging process is the only thing which is happening to you. That is why sometimes you feel fine or not fine because you think you are doing a job. When a meaning becomes meaningless, that is the point of wisdom. Man does not do, it happens to man.


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“Life neither sleep or dies.

Sleep and death is Life”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar