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Kaivalya Gita vol.1 - Absolute understanding


The mind presents man’s life cycle. A life cycle that no man is free from, be it the rich or the poor the learned or the ignorant. Every man has, in his or her life, loneliness, relationship, love, marriage, arguments, anger and pain. He longs for harmony and every form of escape or adventure from these, through use of free will the mind still presents the same. Freedom is gifted if the illusory nature of the mind that presents this life cycle is fully understood. This understanding is available in the book by Dr. Vijai S Shankar ‘Kaivalya Gita vol. 1’



Comment: Article ‘Happening’ on

Rebecca Perry, USA

For the last seven months since I began reading Dr. Shankar I have noticed that "why" or "how" rarely get asked anymore. Occasionally "when" will be a little persistent but not for nearly as long as it used to. When it is understood deeply that you cannot possible be the doer, thinker or speaker then those questions fade away. Understanding removes any effort and rightly so for any effort is more ego trying to control the outcome. My background is such that I used to find it clever to make a big deal out of what "the message" could be regarding why something happened or how I could bring about what I wanted or did not want. An honest inquiry into the imaginary past revealed that I never actually did anything at all - that it all just happened. Once that struck home the need for any questioning of life's mysterious ways and means simply fell away. My life was taking place and is taking place without any help from my mind at all. I am amazed as I watch it all take shape and simultaneously disappear. Now, more and more frequently I find myself with either no thought or simply watching the thoughts that appear.

The freedom and bliss that come when trusting life is all and questioning is less and less, for what could there possibly be but life, is outrageously calming and makes for much joy and laughter at whatever is arising. I do not need to ask why or how Dr. Shankar's writings found their way to me nor when the next book, event, etc. will take place. I am simply blown away that it happened and at the same time it so natural that the encounter appeared.


Comment: Article ‘Sophisticated Knowledge’ on and NNH

Rebecca Perry, USA

Once again, Dr. Shankar provides us with a much clearer understanding as to how knowledge as believed to be acquired by man through his efforts just cannot be so. If we are open-minded and truly honest with ourselves, we can see that knowledge (and everything else) happened to man and man did not make it happen. Man's thinking that more knowledge will improve his life drives him to gather more and more knowledge but how could you possibly get more knowledge than you are meant to have? Honest self-inquiry would reveal that though it may appear that you made the effort in all that you have done, it will be seen that it simply happened. Life happens, man does not make life happen. The knowledge you have was given to you, as was and is everything that comes to you.

While it might make most of us uncomfortable that we have no control over our lives it is so strange that we do not trust that magnificent intelligence that is the source of all in the first place. Why does it not make us jump for joy to realize that everything happens to us and see that this frees us to witness the beauty of life - whatever is taking place? If existence makes it all happen and it merely appears that we are causing the actions and events in our lives to take place doesn't it make sense that that understanding would make you steady and unafraid in life?

In its singular flow, life has given us Dr. Shankar and his deep insights. If you truly want to understand life and stop going around in endless circles in your mind where life just cannot be for the knowledge in your mind, no matter how sophisticated or erudite it may be, cannot be fresh as only the now exist where there cannot be any time, therefore no knowledge either, except as illusory of course. If life wants you to continue to seek knowledge you will until you don't so there is nothing to fear by diving deep into Dr. Shankar's message and coming up for the freshest breath of air you will have ever had. Dr. Shankar's insights have a depth not given to us before in such a precise, clear manner deserving of our attention if we are ready to be steady in life.


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Letter to AAU: From Reiner Wehrenfennig, Germany
Dear Mr. Shankar,
I would like to ask some mind produced questions to you:
Shankar: Questions come only from the mind and not life.
After reading your books I (my mind!) confirm most of the concepts of your mind which in total claim:
Shankar: Concepts come from the mind. Statements which are in the books have arisen out of understanding.
§ No doer, no thinker, no anyone except life itself (or God or…..)
Shankar: Life projects an optical and auditory illusion of a doer, speaker and thinker.
§ Life is self transforming energy here and now (no “there” an “tomorrow” or “yesterday”); life equals reality
Shankar: Life is energy or reflected light while Reality implies Pure light
§ Men as any object is a transformation of matter, an illusionary part of life, together with all plants animals, minerals etc.
Shankar: Man is an optical illusion of energy that transforms. Object too is a transformation of energy and not matter, for matter too is energy that transforms.
§ Time and place are concepts of mind which introduce the concept of moving objects which produce sound
Shankar: Time and Space are thoughts in the mind just as a concept of moving object is.
§ So reality is producing illusion whereas reality (life) is light and sound
Shankar: Reality (Pure Light) reflects illusions of light and sound (life).
§ Illusion is evolution – evolution is illusion, because we “see” evolution of mind which is illusion
Shankar: Thinking happens to the illusory (we) which does not see but only thinks it sees. The eye receives only rays of light. The real does not see for it is the seer, seeing and the seen.
§ Concept of love: accept all as it is – nothing to change – all perfect – nothing to do
Shankar: Love is not a concept. Love is life. The ‘all’ is a singular movement and not events in time and space.
I think this are the kernels.
Shankar: The kernels are amended to convey understanding
Now my questions:
1. why does never changing reality create the ever changing illusion of the evolution of mind?
Shankar: Reality does not create it reflects the ever changing, which is the illusory.
2. “evolution” requires some aim; what is the aim of the illusionary evolution of mind? Only Understanding?
Shankar: Understanding is Grace. The word ‘only’ implies something insignificant.
3. if with regard to 2. there is some aim it would be illusionary too; so why is that all?
Shankar: Any aim is illusory for aim refers to the ego which is false and therefore illusory.
4. why tends the illusionary play more to a drama than to a comedy (in the eyes of most of the imaginary players)?
Shankar: A comedy too is a drama
5. if 4. is right where is the absolute good? Would you show your kids films like nightmares or would you like to show your kids comedies?
Shankar: What is meant to be seen it will be seen. What is meant to be shown will be shown. Man is not the doer.
6. Difference between “good and bad” and “right and false”: good does not need bad (no duality) because nobody aims to be bad – every “bad” result comes from aiming the “good” – of course the “good” of the developed understanding which aims.
Shankar: If good does not need bad it will not exist and vice versa. Good sometime results even bad is aimed.
So why should one has to accept the bad?
Shankar: To accept or not to accept is not up to man for man is not the thinker, speaker or the doer.
I give some example: you are in world war two and you are hiding some jews to save them before the Nazis. A nazi is knocking at your door and asking: do you have jews in your house? You are lying (“false”) but saving them (“good”) …. Please don’t consider it may be “good” to say the “truth” in this case and hand out the jews to the Nazis!? (because for the nazis it would be “good”) – You know what I mean? I would say “good” is a special quality (non duality) and “bad” is a undeveloped “good” whereas “false” is not a undeveloped “right” because digital society shows the significance of “right” and “false” as absolute duality.
Shankar: Good is minimal bad and bad is minimal good. Hypothesis is a fiction just as the mind is. What is meant to happen will happen and no force on earth can stop it from happening, albeit illusory.
Antitheses – another concept of reality:
Shankar: All concepts of reality are illusory.
Suppose “reality” – the one and only – aims for sharing its own and only being (I would call this longing “absolute love” – not the “reality” or “God” itself equals “absolute love” but “his” property “longing for sharing his love” equals “absolute love”).
Suppose “reality” to do so has to create something to share with (not as illusion from its own standpoint!).
Shankar: Reality has no aims for reality is one and not two.
No you will find the “one” (the “not two”, the reality) creating something called “creation” – not as illusion! I would call it “creation from nothing” so to say.
Shankar: Reality if it creates which it does not for there is no need, and if it creates the creation will be within not two and not separate from reality. Reality reflects for reality is Pure light.
Now you would face some “giving force” (the originating reality) and some “receiving force” (creation). The latter absolutely dependant from the former. Giving without wanting something in return I would call again “absolute love”. So the “creation from nothing” has to begin with only the property of “receiving” (called "creation") which is absolutely new and does not exist before anywhere nor in the giver!
Shankar: The giver and the taker (receiver) is the same and not separate from each other. Reality is one and not two.
A problem occurs: the greatest gift a giver could offer is to give his own abilities – because he loves absolutely. The giver (“Creator”, God….) as greatest gift would give his own abilities (“to be a giver”) to the receiver (“creation”) which represents “absolute love” which can’t be given and has to be learned, because otherwise such great presents would cause shame on side of the receiver: this phenomena could be found everywhere in the human race: one has to do something by his own efforts otherwise problems occur.
Shankar: The individual is illusory and not real. Shame and effort implies the presence of the ego which is false and therefore illusory. Problems are illusory too and not absolute.
Likewise struggle begins (not illusionary!): the “receiver” would feel inferior in regard to the “giver” which originates shame too which originates all problems mankind faces.
Shankar: The giver is not separate from the receiver. The receiver is an illusory reflection of the giver.
Now real evolution takes place: the greatest ability of the “giver” is “absolute love”. Absolute love is “giving without wanting something in return”. Now the receiver would deny to receive anything from the giver because he don’t want to feel inferior – and the giver doesn’t want it too (he don’t want the receiver to feel inferior). How could the “receiver” change to a “giver” with regard to the giver and in this way becomes similar in his properties to the giver (this is what the giver wants!)? The receiver will only receive from the giver when the giver will enjoy his receiving (this means that he receiver is giving something worthy in return).
Shankar: Superior and inferior imply duality and the presence of two egos. They are illusory and not real.
So here the evolution aims to change the “receiver” (creation) from being totally opposite in properties to the “giver” (creator) to become a giver too. This evolution will reunite the separation of creator and creation because unity requires similarity of form which means “giving” ability on both sides.
Shankar: Only the illusory evolves and not the real. Evolution implies change and the Real does not change.
Separation naturally starts with opposite properties “giver” and “receiver” which on side of the creation builds the growing ego. “Wanting” in this regard is a force of growing (the ego is wanted as a concept) until it has learned that “giving” is the greatest force.
Shankar: The moment understanding happens that giving is the greatest force the ego evolves and sophisticates as a witnesser.
Than all wrong concepts on side of the creation like:
Shankar: All concepts exist in time as an auditory illusion of sound. Life flows in the moment ‘now’ which is timeless and thoughtless.
§ receiving in order to receive
§ giving in order to receive will vanish. This are the concepts of all the dramas in humanity.
Shankar: Any concept is albeit illusory.
They change to
§ receiving in order to give
Shankar: Life is a singular flow of light and sound in an eternal moment.
which is like the “giver”, like the “source”, like THE ONE. Interesting concept? What do you think about?
Shankar: Interesting concepts are an auditory illusion of sound.




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“Does Life have a meaning?”


Everybody is asking this question(s) and so beautifully explained in these CD’s.


A gift of Understanding!!!



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“Business & Spirituality”


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Comment: CD ‘Opinions (3)’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
In OPINIONS (3) You make us ponder over where opinions lead us to, to understand what divides life. Because man is related to life every moment, opinions will be formed, whether he likes it or not, and the moment you have concluded, you are disconnected from life. The conclusion happens to you so that you may understand what foolishness is there if you can conclude about life. If duality gives meaning to words, duality too would require another duality to give meaning to it. It is a regression. That is why life is beginningless and endless, because the illusion too is beginningless and endless. A relentless enlightening CD, Thank you.

Comment: CD ‘Generation (1)’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
What strikes me in Generation (1) is that we are complaining without understanding it. What value is there in our complaint?  Life has been conditioning the mind. Criticizing happens so that you may realise you are simply blaming life, you are criticizing life. Present day man must come to understand his mind. Life will flow only one way, in that way understand your mind. Be grateful for life. Life will continue the way it will in such a way that you may know who you are or what you are.

Comment: CD ‘Generation (2)’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
In Generation (2) the question You pose is, why does man plan, and why does man want? Life flows its way while we make our plans.  Cause and effect made man have a thought in his mind that he is the doer, and it is very difficult to make man understand that cause and effect happened to him in an illusory manner. It is shattering to the ego to accept you are not the doer. Because of this cause and effect, the blame game starts. The more you are in cause and effect, the more you are in planning, it only signifies how unaware you are of life. Life has no plans worked out in it, life goes on while you are busy making plans.

Comment: CD ‘Generation (3)’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
What is the present? What is it that you have to trust life for? What strikes me deeply is the understanding that the moment you validate your mind, every word of it, as being illusory, you would have entered life, and that every word, when understood totally, you pass one generation. The examination of the known in minute detail will provide you beautiful gifts, and is an invitation to life. Clarity is the only action of any validity. Man has yet to take a step back to know what his mind is. Life is to be lived, and you cannot use your mind to live it. What enlightened sharing, Thank you.

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"Life's decisions unfolds every moment.

The mind's decisions happen in time and not in life."


Dr. Vijai S Shankar