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COMMENTS: DVD ‘Non –Duality life as it is

Jürgen Meißner, Germany
I have received the DVD by mail from Holland now and watched it more than once. The more you know the German subtitles by heart the more you could concentrate on the effects of the film while it watching and this leads to an even better understanding of "life". Since my early childhood I was interested in such scientific topics and the evolutionary sophistication to Dr. Shankar's explanations, (now at the age of 54) seems very interesting to me. 


Elisabeth, Netherlands
Yes, I am very happy with the movie. I read the voiceover sentences every day and go over each sentence very slowly and just let it sink in. Where you mention that the losing boxer ‘seems’ to be deeply frustrated, I suddenly realized the word ‘seems’, how everything ‘seems’ to have a meaning. And that just the appearance of a single image is already in the past and not an actuality.  And ‘light lacks any meaning itself’ is also a revelation.




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Comment: CD ‘Evolution of mind (2)’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
Why does the mind ask a question? Why do we have questions? Because of cause and effect the mind questions. Life never answers any questions, for it has no questions. What happened to man’s mind first, was it a speech or was it a thought? What could have been present in man’s mind which has sophisticated itself as a thought? Recognition happened to man of an image, not an actuality, it was an image. The initial was just an image.  All that we recognize as a reality or an actuality needs to be an imagination. Thank you, I will hold the word ‘imagination’ close to my heart.

Comment: CD ‘Evolution of mind (3)’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
It is so revealing  where you convey to us what world has been the state of a man with an image in his mind, not knowing what it was. That an image is related to smell with animals and to touch in human begins. How did this image in a mind get converted into the reality which we think exists? Anything man recognizes even now has to be an imagination, because the first recognition was of an image. Understanding the chapters in the book ‘Evolution of Mind’ is much deeper now but not easy.

Comment: CD ‘Present Tense’
Elisabeth, Amsterdam
Is there any tense which indicates a present tense? What is happening in the present? It happens to us. There is no word which you can use for the present tense as the present tense. The words which we use indicate the past, not the present. The present tense is illusory. All there is in a moment is an image. The mind began by an image. Where does the word ‘imagine’ or ‘imagined’ point you to? Your sharing with us of your stay in the deserts of Africa is truly amazing where you rattled your mind out to find the word for the present and where you realized fear is never in life, never in the present.

Comment: ‘Books’and ‘CD’s’
Diane Izzedin, USA
Re-reading again the book ‘Evolution of Mind’ (EOM), I realize what an amazing book this IS, all the books are! Repeated listening to the CD’s has helped me to understand the books deeply. The books by Dr. Shankar are like a tree, ‘EOM’ is the roots, the book ‘Illusions of Life’ is what the roots are made up off, ‘Power of Illusion’ is the powerful trunk, the ‘Kaivalya Gita’ series the ever growing branches, ‘Understanding Life series’ the blossoms, and the book ‘What am I?’ surely would be the most wonderful fruit, to be savored for Life.


Comment: ‘Mind’
Harish Shetty, USA

Dr. Shankar mentions that even vegetation and Animal has minds in rudimentary form, He is very true, In fact if you look at the research Animal kingdom has theory of mind and all behavioral traits as human beings. Check out this TED Talk.
Man is not unique when it comes to mind.


Comment: Discovery channel ‘Universe and Existence of God or creator’
Anil Swami, USA
A program on Discovery today - about the Universe and the existence of God or a Creator- AMAZING! A Cal Tech scientist stated that "Matter is always in a diffused form across the Universe "It materializes when we look upon it" "Life is a simulation (an illusion)" like  a computer game and there is a master program behind it, as it seems to follow a precise, though seemingly chaotic path, that we do not yet understand!" The scientist showed an experiment that has been running at CalTech.

They have an electron gun shooting electrons onto a graphite plate and the resulting electrons kicked out are captured on another plate and recorded. Surprisingly - the kicked out electrons form a pattern that is exactly the pattern of the graphite atom! So the electrons shot out from the gun sought out other electrons to collide with and thus created this picture! 

The scientist said that this finding about the Universe gave him great solace and was spiritual - for there is something greater than us that is making all this happen and we are only now beginning to understand the workings behind the Universe.


Comment: ‘Buddha’ means the awakened one
Harish Shetty, USA
It is very Interesting How Buddha understood that there is nothing to be done. He sat down under the Bodhi tree and in a moment saw what he sees Vs " think what he sees". He later recalled (although illusory) the events leading to this realization and guided a lot of other people to see things as they are or "see what you see rather than think what you see" in Pali language (spoken during Buddha's period) labeled it as "Vipasana". He understood that his body which appears as the body  is actually sub atomic particles (he labeled "ashtakalapa" = 1/8th of a subatomic particle, and understood that even the ashtakalapa's are changing rapidly, spontaneously, constantly. arising and passing away and he cannot do anything about it (he is neither doer, speaker or thinker). It is Amazing that same thing happened to Dr. V.S Shankar, by science, by research and further validating by understanding scriptures ( as I understood from his interviews). Pali scripture also says that this Knowledge will again happen after 2500 years. I (although illusory) can label Dr. V.S. Shankar as Buddha (means awakened one).


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"Man cannot question the way of life and how it unfolds.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar