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Live life, not think life! 

Man thinks life. The enlightened live life.

Mind is a mystery. Mind is time and thought. Mind is full of…

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Translation: German / Dutch


Conversation Jürgen and Marcus, Germany

Hello Mr Stegmaier,

…. But now an understanding has established in me and all the open questions from before have been answered clearly. Through the bridge of transformation of four books of Dr. Shankar everything has been answered step by step!

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What is the reach of man’s knowledge?

What is the reach of man’s understanding?

If man did not make death and is present yet not present – what am I?

In this book “What am I”, Dr. Shankar, shares his understanding of life and its illusions with men and women who are searching for enlightenment.



Comment: Book ‘Was bin ich’ and DVD ‘Non Duality. Life as it is’
Annette, Germany

I have "Was bin ich" in my hand - thank you very much! 

The DVD ‘Non Duality Life as it is’ is amazing ... so much input ... so fast …

I will see the film again and again with the pause-button! I hope to see you some day in Denekamp. Thank you –



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ENQUIRY: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’
Nicolas, Germany

In your book `evolution of mind` you describe the process how the elements came into existence and how, through evolution, the first life arose out of them.

1.My question is: As what should the elements (like fire, water etc.) exist, when there was no consciousness in which they appeared?

Shankar: Consciousness appeared as the five elements.


2."Does it mean that consciousness is aware of itself (for example as fire or water) without a living being as an instrument through which perception is happening?"

Shankar: Fire or water is a reflection of consciousness (as is a living being) who only knows fire or water as labels in the mind.


3.Question: Can there be  a reflection of consciousness as fire or water without the perception of a living being (who is as well a reflection of consciousness)?

Shankar: Knowledge informs the knower of the known as separate from each other. Wisdom reveals the knower, knowing and the known are one and not separate.


4.Respected Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for taking your time to communicate with me, although I have to admit, that your answer is not an answer to my question.... anyway, I remain with best regards,

Respected Mr. Nicolas,

Communications happen even though time is absent in life, mysterious is life. Knowledge has answers which turn into questions, wisdom is statements and not answers, mysterious is life. I remain with best regards.


5. Although the flower exists only as an illusion, it has a concrete form.

Although life is a mystery, it should be possible to give a concrete answer to a concrete question. If this is not possible, than how comes that you give a concrete concept regarding the evolution of mind under the headline of absolute understanding?

Shankar: The concrete form of a flower too is illusory. Illusory does not mean non- existence. It means the existence is not of substance but a reflection of energy. Mystery means it is illogical and not logical. A concrete answer is logical and therefore cannot be a mystery. The statements in evolution of mind point to mystery and not logic.


6. ....what I want to point to is:

Everything what seem to exist, exist as illusion (what you also call reflection of consciousness).

The elements like fire and water exist only as illusion too.

The existence of an illusion depends on his being perceived (otherwise it can`t exist).

For the perception of an illusion to happen life seems to be necessary (this was my question). In this way life is the very base for the elements to appear and not the other way around....

Shankar: Life is reflected light.





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Comment: Trailer ‘Non Duality. Life as it is’ on You Tube

Karthik, India
But the "I" is full of alluring pleasures that are very hard to give up, the I is an addiction by itself a bundle of habits that we have become so reliant on... In that case what can we do? I am sure of one thing in my life that even if I take anyone to the state of ego less bliss that original innocence we felt as a baby. Even if you see the separation of thought and self, I am sure you will come back to being an ego! We are not ready, most of us will never be.
Shankar: If you see the separation between thought and self you will be a witnesser and not an ego



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“In every moment is a perfect product”


Comment: CD ‘Marriage’
Comment: CD “Discrimination”
Paul Dekker, Maastricht
The mind thinks of ‘you’ and ‘me’, ‘this’ and ‘that’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and in the mean while life simply happens. The mind discriminates. This is its function. Man is made up of water, earth, fire, and air – and neither of them discriminates. Like Doctor Shankar explains: the understanding that the mind discriminates and nothing can be done about it, is the moment of enlightenment.


Comment: CD “Patience”
Elisabeth, Netherlands
Very profound sharing by Guruji where he shares the tremendous importance of patience. It is the door to meet yourself. There is no  mind in life, that is the starting point of patience to come to you. Whatever the mind thinks, it is not there. Once you realise that my mind is always on that which it wants is not there, and that which is there is always there, if patience does not come in, what else will come in? We do not have patience because we cling to the mind’s concepts of life. Guruji says, understand in life, where you are, you are wonderful, you are beautiful, and surely evolving yourself, whether you like it or not, to become God. The God is where you are, not as what you imagine Him to be. What a revelation.


Comment : DVD ‘Perception & Experience’
Paul Dekker, Maastricht 

Nailed to the screen, understanding that what we perceive and experience is an illusion.
Without life no illusory thoughts appear.
Without life no illusory speech appears.
Without life no illusory actions appear.
Therefore life, which appears as illusory thinking, illusory speaking and illusory doing through an illusory man, is illusory itself. What man can understand is his mind, not life, for it needs life to project a mind to be understood as an illusion.
If life is an illusion, perception and experience has to be an illusion too.



Margareta, USA
Dear Dr.Shankar,
Since 2 weeks I am writing you letters thanking you. Every time I listen to a CD or read your books I thank you. I thank you for your patience for I am not the doer. Precisely you explain to me that I am not the doer, the thinker and the walker. I smile and laugh when I watch/observe again, "Thinking" that I am the doer. Nobody in my long, long history of becoming "better" told me that, and nobody I believed until you "proofed" to me that I cannot be the doer, the speaker, the Thinker.
I was introduced you to in 1992 by a friend. But I had to finish 17 years of Ramtha's school of Enlightenment and after that the whole training of a course in miracles. Today your Book ‘What am I?’ arrived, the CD Marriage and Doership examined. Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!I share the Mystery and the understanding given. Thank you again


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"The moment you talk about what love is, you are not in love."


Dr. Vijai S Shankar