Birthday Dr. Shankar:

Mail received from Rebecca Perry USA.

Would you either forward Happy Birthday wishes to Dr. Shankar for me or let me know how to do so?

Since he has changed my life so profoundly by making the illusory enjoyable rather than scary, I wanted to let him know how important the yearly anniversary of his arrival has been to me and send him much love and appreciation for being and imparting to all of us who listen to him this great wisdom filled with such intelligence and love.  I exist now in greater clarity and much, much less confusion since he entered my life and that is worth the very breath that keeps me alive. Without understanding we stay in bondage and misery. With understanding we are free and relaxed and happy to be. Much love to you, Dr.Shankar and everyone at ACADUN.


NEW ARTICLE by Paul Dekker:

Action-Less Life and Action-Full Drama

Life makes mind happen, and mind believes the drama of life to be real. Life itself is without meaning, for all meanings about life are minds donation to life happening. Therefore all meanings about life are illusory.

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Translation: German / Dutch


Conversation: Marcus and Nicolas

Dear Marcus,

there are many daydreams which happen simultaneously but there are no “dreamers“ which move in space and time because space and time are just parameters of extension of perception (illusion) and come into existence only within the dreams and not outside of them. …

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What is the reach of man’s knowledge?

What is the reach of man’s understanding?

If man did not make death and is present yet not present – what am I?

In this book “What am I”, Dr. Shankar, shares his understanding of life and its illusions with men and women who are searching for enlightenment.



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Comment: Book ‘What am I?’

Sonja Visser, Belgium

It is a joy reading your book 'what am I' the question is deeper than 'who am I', it bring me direct to deeper layers of the mind, the senses and the creation. It contains a lot of the wisdom of the other books, but different more condensed and very refreshing; every sentence is an opening to recognise the mind that is limited and deceiving. Thank You for being with us and explaining the mystery of life and the mind.








DVD with Dutch and German Subtitles

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“Thoughts that flow”


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“Known is relative”


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Comment: CD ‘Senses’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

SENSES is a wonderful satsang wherein Dr. Shankar conveys that, if you look into life, man experiences life only through his five senses, a very indirect way of experiencing life. Words are connected to all these five senses and somehow these very words prevent man from embracing truth. Truth is nothing but sound, sight, fragrance, taste, touch, experienced to the hilt, without any rejection or acceptance. Truth is just experiencing life as it is. When the rejection and the acceptance just melts away, you will touch the silence in whoever speaks. Behind every word remains silence. That is an opportunity. It is like the wise man in the parable who tells the king that where you are alive there is no mind. We do not live. We think.


Comment: CD ‘Seeking’
Elisabeth, Netherlands

In SEEKING Dr. Shankar shares, how does one become steady if something unpleasant happens? When one damn thing runs after another damn thing? What is its characteristic, what is its nature? It comes and goes. What does it mean? Everything is just time limited, temporary. But the illusion is such the ego will think it is permanent. Whatever expression in life is just an expression of energy.  It will simply transform itself to its other polarity, the same energy. The same pleasantness, now we are calling it as unpleasantness, because that energy has transformed itself. Any energy you will take it, it will have two polarities, opposites, positive and negative. If these two are not there, energy will not be there. That is the basic law of nature. Thank you, I have enjoyed the satsang deeply.


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" Life makes the moment happen,

while the mind plans for the next.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar