Conversation Jürgen and Marcus, Germany


Hello Mr Stegmaier,

It is interesting to perceive through the mind how life is going on in a continuous movement which furthermore leads, day and night, to an ongoing transformation, i.e. sophistication. The contact to Dr. Shankar began with a vague short extract of a video about light and sound! At that time it was explained in the video that thunder always follows lightning and that a thought as sound always follows the movement of a body as light! This was hard to understand as the sound is transformed further to a thought with meaning after the ‘body-light-movement’. But now an understanding has established in me and all the open questions from before have been answered clearly. Through the bridge of transformation of four books of Dr. Shankar everything has been answered step by step!


Book: Evolution of Mind


Book: Kaivalya Gita Vol1


DVD: Non- Duality. Life as it is


Book: What am I?


Now it looks as there weren‘t any more questions for me but as it is the nature of life it could happen that a new topic will come to me to which there will be found answers in Dr. Shankar‘s writings!
Regards, Jürgen


Hello Mr. Jurgen,

I am happy to hear from you that Dr. Shankar‘s books seemingly have lead to a deeper understanding of life. But please allow me some words of clarification about what you have written: Dr. Shankar‘s books do not convey any knowledge. Absolute understanding means the certainty that there could not come up any real questions anymore because the world, man and the mind are spontaneously understood as illusory. How deep the understanding really is will reveal itself in daily life: It is not the mind which perceives life as a continuous, singular movement because the nature of the mind is to take thoughts about individuals, events, time (day and night) and actions for real. It is the witnesser to which life appears as light and sound. This happens through sophistication of the ego to the witnesser. No doubt that Dr. Shankar‘s books have brought about many answers in you. If it happens that further questions show up, I am very confident that clarification will happen willingly, either through reading the books again or through questioning per email or through a personal encounter with Dr. Shankar for example in January 2012 in Denekamp
Kind regards, Marcus Stegmaier


Hello Mr Stegmaier,

Thanks for the clarifying words in your email! Not only the books I could read again and again but also this mail should be read again and more than once!
Thanks, Jürgen


Hello Mr. Jurgen

I am very happy for you that life makes you read the books again.
Regards, Marcus Stegmaier